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  • What Is “Refurbished” Technology?

    What Is “Refurbished” Technology? With advancements in technology and sky-high demand, certain electronics can be out of reach budget-wise for most individuals. Luckily, there’s an entire refurbished technology market where consumers can purchase electronics at discounted costs. However, most people don’t exactly know what refurbished means and if these products are safe to buy. Although […]

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  • Reasons to Keep Your Tech Serial Numbers Private

    Computers, routers, smartphones, and more all carry serial numbers identifying that individual piece of equipment. When you flip a device over, you’ll likely see several numbers and often barcodes representing those same numbers. There will be a model number that denotes the type of equipment and is the same for every unit produced, and then […]

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  • Is It Dangerous to Throw Away Batteries?

    You’ve probably heard conflicting advice about how to dispose of batteries. Some people may tell you to chuck them in the trash, while others say you could blow up your whole house that way. The truth is somewhere in the middle and largely depends on the type of batteries you need to discard. Types of […]

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  • HITECH vs. HIPAA: What’s the Difference?

    HITECH vs. HIPAA: What’s the Difference? Businesses and organizations must protect many different types of personal information to prevent serious consequences in the event of a breach. However, among the most serious and specifically regulated is personal health information. Medical confidentiality has been a fundamental concept within medicine for millennia and is enshrined in U.S. […]

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  • 6 Common Kinds of Electronics You Can Recycle

    In today’s high-tech world, people rely on electronics a lot. Devices light our homes, entertain us, and keep us connected with the world. Yet, everything has an expiration date and eventually must be disposed of. But e-waste, or electronic waste, is different from other waste and must follow proper disposal protocols. A United Nations study […]

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  • 5 Ways to Prep Your Tech for Resale

    Trying to get a little extra cash flow reselling your company’s computers, servers, or another tech? Here are a few simple steps to take to get ready for a smooth process. Make Sure You Have All the Parts A major factor in how much you can get for your used tech is whether or not […]

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  • Data-Risk-Assesments

    What Is a Data Risk Assessment?

    If you have data, it’s at risk. That’s the nature of having valuable information that’s of interest to scammers and thieves. Exactly how much real-world risk your data faces is up to you or, more specifically, the defenses you’ve put up. Every organization needs to evaluate its level of risk, and the time to do […]

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  • Hard-Drive-Shredding

    What Are Toxic Assets and How Can They Be Addressed with ITAD?

    Following the housing crisis in 2008, a new phrase crept into the public lexicon: Toxic Assets. Before then, investors knew them by the less visceral name of Troubled Assets. Once the value of an object becomes so low that there is no market where owners can sell it, it becomes toxic. This situation might seem […]

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  • Provide Value to Your Customers by Hosting an On-Site Shredding Event

    Showing that you’re a part of your community and want to add value to peoples’ lives keeps your business in good standing. One way you can do this is to host a shredding event, where employees, customers, and community members can destroy sensitive data that are difficult to get rid of otherwise. You never know […]

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