Light Bulb Recycling

Along with IT asset and electronics recycling, SEAM offers safe and responsible battery recycling and light bulb recycling for fluorescent bulbs and electrical ballasts to Sioux Falls and the surrounding area in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Universal Waste Rule (UWR) and Subtitle C hazardous waste regulations. 

Proper recycling of batteries and fluorescent bulbs not only reduces the release of mercury into the environment, but also allows for the recovery of the components that may be reused (i.e. glass and metals). Due to the mercury content, some lamps are considered hazardous waste under federal and state regulations. It is the responsibility of the generator of the used lamps to ensure they are properly managed in accordance with federal and state regulations.

SEAM recycles a wide variety of batteries and fluorescent bulbs including long and short tubes, U-bent, compact fluorescent (CFLs), circular fluorescent and HID (Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium). We also provide packaging and instructions for safe handling.

Using SEAM for fluorescent bulb and battery recycling guarantees you are in compliance.