5 Tips to Help Your Business Create an Effective Data Destruction Policy

It’s safe to say every modern business owner is aware of how serious the handling of secure data is. As the backbone of most businesses, data provides invaluable customer insights that allow analysts to improve the business on a number of levels. Recovering data that was ‘deleted’ from hard drives is a common technique cybercriminals […]

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What Counts as e-Waste?

With the ever-evolving state of electronics and technology, protecting our environment is more critical than ever. Each year roughly 50 million tons of e-waste are generated worldwide, so everyone must participate in the safe disposal of outdated equipment. Improper electronics disposal can lead to environmental factors that can affect your community, as many tech devices […]

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Tech Audits: What to Do with Outdated Devices

Today, businesses are only as good as their technology. Modern devices offer powerful advantages that can upgrade business processes and increase revenue. A newer, more advanced device seems to come out every six months, but seasoned business owners know not to believe the hype. Still, there always comes a time when their faithful, familiar device […]

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