What Is Sensitive Data, and How Can It Be Compromised?

If you’ve ever used the idiom “don’t air your dirty laundry in public,” you know it refers to the concept of keeping private information away from the public’s eye. This concept has taken on a whole new meaning as the digital world expands at exponential speeds, allowing all sorts of private information to be vulnerable […]

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What Is Mobile Shredding?

When you manage an office, you generate a significant amount of paperwork. Whether your paper trail is of the more literal kind or digital, you need someone to help you protect your company’s sensitive information. It’s rare, though, for managers and other parties to have the time they need to safely dispose of said information. […]

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Hard Drive Shredding: Can It Help to Prevent Data Breaches?

You can’t run a business today without the aid of technology. For every paycheck, you give out and every sale you make, there’s going to be a digital trail. While you need to keep information related to these things on hand, it can also put you at serious risk. You need to regularly destroy or […]

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