CPUs: When is it Time For a Replacement and What Should You Do with the Old One?

For many people, the best time to replace their CPU is when their current system no longer meets their needs. Some prefer to upgrade to maintain the fastest processing speed. Others want to ensure they have the latest features. If your current system can’t perform the functions you need, you will want to replace it. […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Data Protection Plan

Data protection is the combination of policies, procedures, and technologies you have in place to ensure that confidential information isn’t accessed by anybody without proper authorization. Every business should have a solid data protection plan in place. This plan protects both you and your customers. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t have a data protection plan, or […]

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4 Data Destruction Misconceptions

Now more than ever, businesses rely on data to develop policies, create growth strategies, and provide services to their customers. The benefits of data are clear. Companies can use the information to create better customer experiences, streamline core competencies, etc. At the same time, companies are taking on more responsibility for the data they collect, […]

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