Why Is It Important to Recycle Light Bulbs?

Recycling is a good practice for any home or business. Recycling minimizes waste, is good for the planet, and doesn’t require much effort. Many people don’t know that light bulbs can be recycled, so they just throw them in the trash. However, there are several reasons why it is important to recycle light bulbs. Lightbulbs […]

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The Importance of Proper Document Disposal to Prevent Healthcare Data

If your business handles healthcare documents, you have a great responsibility to handle those documents with care. Health information is some of the most sensitive information there is, so it is critical that documents are stored and disposed of properly. Healthcare Documents Contain Highly Sensitive Information There are a few categories of information that are […]

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PRESS RELEASE: SEAM One of First in U.S. to Achieve Globally Recognized Certifications

SEAM is proud to announce that it has become one of only two providers in the country to successfully upgrade to both accredited certifications, R2v3 and e-Stewards Version 4.1, the only standards that exist to ensure secure and responsible resale and recycling of retired electronics. 

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