The Consequences of Improperly Disposing of Protected Health Information (PHI)

Patient privacy is a critical part of any healthcare practice. Patients place their trust in their medical providers to retain any personal and medical information confidential. Whenever you breach that trust, your practice’s reputation is not only on the line, but you risk severe consequences. The disposal of medical records is a common practice in […]

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IT Asset Disposal Implications: Why It’s Important to Hire a Professional

IT assets provide important benefits that most companies couldn’t go without. Not only do they reduce workloads and paperwork, but they also eliminate waste and allow business leaders to make better decisions. All in all, IT assets help businesses operate more efficiently, giving them room to grow and streamline their processes over time. However, these […]

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SEAM Donates Cell Phones DriveSafeSD Campaign

We are proud to be involved with the South Dakota Department of Public Safety Office of Highway Safety’s sculpture they unveiled today for their campaign, #DriveSafeSD, at the The Empire Mall. The sculpture encourages drivers to put down their cell phones while they drive and was designed by Sioux Falls artist Nichole Cross of Composite […]

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