The Many Business Risks of Bad Document Management

Modern businesses tend to be fairly well-versed in the ins and outs of device management, planning out the life cycle of IT assets before they even purchase new equipment.  Part of this includes digital data management to ensure the security of confidential data. However, your South Dakota business may not assign the same level of […]

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An Eco-Friendly Future for IT Asset Disposal

When South Dakota businesses update their IT infrastructure with new equipment and devices, their biggest concern is likely finding the solutions that best meet their current and predicted future needs, followed closely by ensuring cost-effective solutions that fit their budget.  However, as a responsible business owner, you also have to consider the best way to […]

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How is Hard Drive Destruction Different from Other Disposal Methods?

Disposal of digital data has become a hot topic over the last couple of decades as South Dakota businesses have migrated to digital storage.  It remains a topic of conversation for the simple fact that technology continues to advance, creating new opportunities for hackers to steal confidential data.  In addition, people persist in believing that […]

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