Back to School Tech Refresh: A Secure and Smooth Transition

Summer break offers a perfect window for schools to refresh their technology landscape. New devices arrive, promising to empower learning, while older equipment needs a secure farewell. This tech refresh process involves two crucial aspects: ensuring the security of new devices and responsibly managing the replaced ones. Welcoming New Devices: Security First: Brand new devices […]

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Summer Tech Refresh: A Guide to Cost-Effective Device Management for Schools

Summer break offers a golden opportunity for schools to re-evaluate their IT assets. With classrooms quiet, it’s the perfect time to embark on a “summer tech refresh” and ensure your technology is ready for the upcoming year. With budgetary constraints and ever-growing workloads, managing devices in a cost-effective way is more important than ever. Redeployment: […]

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Summer Tech Tune-Up: Tips for Preparing Your North Dakota, South Dakota & Iowa School’s Tech for the Next Year

Summer break offers a much-needed respite for students and teachers alike. But for North Dakota, South Dakota, and Iowa school IT staff, it’s prime time to tackle that ever-growing to-do list and ensure your technology is ready to hit the ground running come fall. Check out these helpful tips for a summer tech tune-up: Clean […]

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