5 Essential Components in Data Center Decommissioning

Decommissioning old IT equipment is a complicated and involved process that almost every business has to deal with at some point. Your data center is more than a few stacks of electronic components—it’s all of the sensitive material your company has collected through the years. The equipment may no longer be valuable, but the data […]

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5 Policies to Have in Place for a Data-Filled Workplace

Businesses that operate without clear-cut policies for managing workplace documents are opening themselves to significant security risks. If you’ve been working from an “everyone knows what they’re doing” perspective, now is the time to implement better practices. Taking a few simple steps to improve data-related security can go a long way in keeping your employees, […]

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Help Wanted: Best Practices for Storing and Shredding Past Job Applications

How many job applications and resumes does your human resources department receive in a year? Depending on the size and type of your business, the answer may very well be hundreds. And since only a tiny percentage of applicants become employees, what do you do with the non-hire paperwork? Not knowing the best way to […]

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