3 Principles of Personal Information Retention and Disposal

If your business requires you to retain your customers’ personal information, you have legal obligations to meet. One of the most crucial is ensuring that your customers’ personal information is disposed of safely and responsibly. To help make sure you don’t run afoul of any regulatory entities, here are some key principles of personal information […]

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eWaste Statistics: Could a Potential Source of Clean Energy Be Laying Around Your Office?

As experts across the country attempt to work out a solution to the ongoing transition away from fossil fuels and other finite energy resources, it is becoming clear that a workable solution has been staring us in the face for years. That’s right; our old cell phones could be a potential source of clean energy. […]

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Electronic PHI Disposal: 3 Essential Elements to Consider

If your facility handles sensitive patient information, you are required by federal law to take reasonable safeguards to protect that information from public disclosure. These measures include an understanding of how that information is stored and disposed of. Failure to adhere to such standards can result in fines and significant reputational damage while also placing […]

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