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  1. Confidential data remains even after you delete files and unplug the system. Here's a few types of information to think about when disposing of IT equipment.

  2. Last week, Home Depot was ordered to pay a $27.8 million penalty for improper disposal of hazardous waste - yes that includes electronics and yes this could happen to you.

  3. Keeping your data secure is critical no matter what industry your business is in. How do you know who to trust when it comes time to refresh your computer equipment and get rid of the old?

  4. When going paperless, it may be overwhelming to ensure all of your electronic data is secured through every phase. Learn how to make sure your business is protected.

  5. When IT equipment is ready to be retired, many institutions have limited budget and time to securely resell or properly recycle hundreds of systems on their own.

  6. With the constant rotation of servers, network switches and storage arrays, the task of IT asset disposition can become a headache quickly. Learn what to look for with an ITAD solution.

  7. Along with complying with data privacy and environmental legislation, there are a few other steps to take before disposing of computer equipment.

  8. Learn how Company Policy, ITAM, and ITAD work tgether to keep your organization secure.

  9. Be weary of hard drive destruction providers that claim they are certified by DoD standards - certification to this standard does not exist. Learn what standard is currently followed in the industry.

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