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  • SEAM_Mobile_Shredding

    What Is Mobile Shredding?

    When you manage an office, you generate a significant amount of paperwork. Whether your paper trail is of the more literal kind or digital, you need someone to help you protect your company’s sensitive information. It’s rare, though, for managers and other parties to have the time they need to safely dispose of said information. […]

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  • Hard-Drive-Shredding

    Hard Drive Shredding: Can It Help to Prevent Data Breaches?

    You can’t run a business today without the aid of technology. For every paycheck, you give out and every sale you make, there’s going to be a digital trail. While you need to keep information related to these things on hand, it can also put you at serious risk. You need to regularly destroy or […]

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  • Going Green with Electronics: How to Get Your Company on a Sustainable Path

    The concept of green electronics can seem nebulous at first. However, if you’re looking for new ways to transform your office into a more eco-friendly space, you can embrace electronic initiatives that pair sustainability with productivity. Improving Your Business’s Electronic Sustainability Businesses across all industries have been brainstorming sustainable initiatives for nearly two decades. The […]

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  • Hard-Drive-Wipe

    Do You Need to Have Your Hard Drive Wiped? Here’s How to Tell

    Keeping up with technological advancements can feel like competing against a cyclist while running a marathon. Just as you think you’re catching up, they fly ahead of you again. Companies, organizations, and individuals must continually update their hardware and software to ensure access to the latest and greatest forms of technology. But what do you […]

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  • Developing Your Employee Handbook: What Workers Need to Know About Protecting Electronic Data

    Every North Dakota business with employees should have an employee handbook to ensure everyone at the company is on the same page regarding expectations like absences, dress code, business ethics, fraternization, and media relations, just to name a few. Another critical policy of any employee handbook should be electronic data protection. Unfortunately, the vast majority […]

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  • Which Documents Should You Shred at the End of the Fiscal Year?

    For North Dakota businesses, spring cleaning should happen at the end of every fiscal year. While holding on to documents and records may seem like the wise thing to do, it can open you up to security issues like identity theft, non-compliance (with local, state, or federal laws), and confidentiality concerns. Below are five types […]

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  • Will My Company Be Held Accountable for a Data Breach?

    Data breaches are one of the largest threats facing businesses today. Every year, millions of users of various services lose the personal information that they had entrusted to businesses. These breaches can have serious consequences, especially when they concern financial information. If your business loses customer information that could be used for identity theft, you […]

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  • What’s a No-Landfill Policy and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

    Your IT assets have to go somewhere when you’re done with them. If your business is environmentally conscious, you should make sure that “somewhere” isn’t a landfill. IT assets contain valuable recyclable materials. Many also contain hazardous materials that aren’t suitable for disposal in just any manner. There are many factors to consider during IT […]

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  • The Frugal Guide to Buying High-End Refurbished Equipment

    IT equipment — including computers, servers, and more — makes up a considerable portion of any office budget. These assets are often incredibly expensive when they are purchased new, sometimes even prohibitively so. But did you know that your organization could save a large portion of your IT budget by opting to buy refurbished equipment […]

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