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  • Legal Review: Laws That Impact Document Shredding for Businesses

    Legal Review: Laws That Impact Document Shredding for Businesses Not surprisingly, the government has some guidelines regarding document shredding. Protecting sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands is the whole point of shredding, so it can’t be done haphazardly. Also, different kinds of information have their own sets of rules regarding elimination. Beyond the […]

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  • Have Employees Working from Home? Here Are 5 Data Policies to Implement

    You may have heard about the great pandemic of 2020. It drove many businesses to implement procedures to allow employees to work from home. While this solved a major crisis and kept companies operating, it also created an entirely new problem regarding cybersecurity. Not every company was as rigorous as it should have been regarding […]

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  • SEAM “Caught” Doing the RIGHT Thing!

    The e-Stewards® Electronics Recycling Certification program has announced that SEAM has successfuly passed their randomized and wholly unannounced inspection. These unannounced and random methods of conformity assurance distinguishes e-Stewards providers from other companies by being “caught” doing the right thing. The inspection process took about four hours and involved walking through the plant, interviewing workers, […]

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  • A Year in Review: What We Can Learn from Major Data Breaches in 2021

    Your organization can learn a thing or two from some high-profile data breaches. Protecting your company’s sensitive information from hackers requires vigilance, the right tools, and staying a step ahead. The Colonial Pipeline Remember back in April when it became tough to get gas for a while? Thanks to a ransomware attack on the computers […]

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  • protect-your-sensitive-data

    5 Ways to Reduce Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data

    Your data is precious. Stored in your company’s various documents, workstations, and servers are financial records, customer transactions, passwords and usernames, corporate contacts, and more. There are plenty of thieves and hackers who want that information and will go to great lengths to get it. The scary part is how often they’re successful. There are many […]

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  • What Is Sensitive Data, and How Can It Be Compromised?

    If you’ve ever used the idiom “don’t air your dirty laundry in public,” you know it refers to the concept of keeping private information away from the public’s eye. This concept has taken on a whole new meaning as the digital world expands at exponential speeds, allowing all sorts of private information to be vulnerable […]

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  • SEAM_Mobile_Shredding

    What Is Mobile Shredding?

    When you manage an office, you generate a significant amount of paperwork. Whether your paper trail is of the more literal kind or digital, you need someone to help you protect your company’s sensitive information. It’s rare, though, for managers and other parties to have the time they need to safely dispose of said information. […]

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  • Hard-Drive-Shredding

    Hard Drive Shredding: Can It Help to Prevent Data Breaches?

    You can’t run a business today without the aid of technology. For every paycheck, you give out and every sale you make, there’s going to be a digital trail. While you need to keep information related to these things on hand, it can also put you at serious risk. You need to regularly destroy or […]

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  • Going Green with Electronics: How to Get Your Company on a Sustainable Path

    The concept of green electronics can seem nebulous at first. However, if you’re looking for new ways to transform your office into a more eco-friendly space, you can embrace electronic initiatives that pair sustainability with productivity. Improving Your Business’s Electronic Sustainability Businesses across all industries have been brainstorming sustainable initiatives for nearly two decades. The […]

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