Comprehensive Reporting

Chain of Custody Tracking

From secured trucks, to serial number reports, to 24/7 portal access, SEAM implements effective chain-of-custody solutions to make sure customers have visible transparency of their assets at all times.

Detailed reports include transactional and asset-based data, giving customers the proof they need to:

  • Comply with industry regulations.
  • Comply with corporate data security or environmental policies.
  • Communicate their sustainability initiatives as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (CSR).
  • Reconcile serial numbers upon transfer of ownership.

SEAM provides Certificates of Destruction and Recycling upon completion of every job, guaranteeing any and all data has been fully destroyed and items have been properly disposed of in accordance with the highest certifications in the industry.

Detailed Asset Reports for each piece of equipment processed by SEAM are available for the highest level of transparency. Report details include make, model, serial number, counts, weights and dates processed, made readily available on our online customer portal.

Utilizing our proprietary tracking software, SEAM provides an itemized serial number list for every hard drive physically destroyed or securely wiped. Asset tag reports and equipment serial number reports are also provided for customers with inventory reconciliation requirements.

SEAM gives you the visibility you need to track your IT assets throughout the entire disposition process.

Our self-service customer portal provides detailed reports and certificates of destruction for every job, allowing customers to meet internal reporting requirements and auditing needs.

 Available Reports:

  • Transport and Receiving Reports (Chain of Custody)
  • Detailed Audit Reports (Serial Number, Specs, etc)
  • Equipment Serial Number or Asset Tag Reports
  • Hard Drive Serial Number Reports
  • Certificates of Destruction and Recycling

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