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Organizations must upgrade their IT assets and decommission old ones to keep up with technology advances. One misstep in how the IT disposition is handled can expose a company to unnecessary risk and result in massive losses in reputation, fines, and compliance violations.

How can SEAM keep you in compliance? Every step of our IT asset recovery solutions — from collection, packing, transportation, data shredding, equipment recycling, resale and reporting — are all documented and audited in accordance with our third-party certifications and strict security standards.


SEAM helps businesses in heavily regulated industries stay in compliance. 


When it comes to used and surplus technology, SEAM takes protecting sensitive data seriously.


Let SEAM help you navigate the regulations, costs, and logistics of IT disposition programs.

Throughout our secure ITAD process, customers benefit from the peace of mind that comes from personalized consultation and detailed reporting. SEAM can work with virtually any IT asset including servers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, printers, IP phones, hard drives, networking devices, and even industry-specific IT assets from retail Point of Sale systems to specialized healthcare monitors.

Our secure and environmentally sound methods keep you in compliance and make sure you are protected.

With SEAM, we manage the risks so you don’t have to.

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Our SEAM business team will reach out to review your current program in detail and help uncover any risk you may be exposed to during the removal, movement and disposition of your used electronic assets.