Electronics Recycling Services

SEAM accepts electronics and computer equipment of all types. Commonly accepted items include desktop computers, laptops, cell phones, servers, printers, monitors, batteries, computer parts, peripherals and fluorescent bulbs. Check out our full list of Accepted Items here.

If you have a unique or questionable item, the SEAM team will work with you to find the best way to safely and securely handle it.

Certain equipment that contain hazardous materials or require labor intensive processing do cost us to properly dispose of (i.e. CRT monitors or TVs). For these items, there is a per pound processing fee. This fee covers responsible recycling and safe disposal of all equipment, preventing pollution which causes harmful effects to our bodies and to our environment, and protecting men and women in undeveloped countries by ensuring no harmful e-waste is illegally exported there.

If equipment still holds value, we do our best to ensure customers receive the maximum value back through revenue share with our remarketing program, . for more information.

If equipment still holds value, you may qualify for revenue share through our remarketing program. We maximize value recovery by repairing and reselling remarketable equipment and recycling the rest - getting the highest return for you while keeping you in compliance.  Equipment suitable for remarketing is typically less than five years old.

Contact us to learn if your equipment qualifies for revenue share.

Yes. SEAM recycles all types of batteries. Learn more about battery recycling.

Please refer to DOT requirements to properly pack and ship batteries.

SEAM recycles a wide variety of fluorescent bulbs including long and short tubes, U-bent, compact fluorescent (CFLs), circular fluorescent as well as HID (Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium).

Learn more about bulb recycling.

Please refer to DOT requirements to properly pack and ship light bulbs.

We offer a "seamless" way to dispose of your IT assets. We audit the entire process, from collection through to disposal, to ensure a complete chain-of-custody including confirmation of data erasure, data destruction, proper recycling and/or reuse.

After equipment is collected, all data is erased or destroyed in accordance with our data security standards and certifications. Our trained technicians identify incoming material for reuse as whole units as well as for the recovery of precious metals and other valuable commodities. Material that is able to be reused is thoroughly tested, data is securely erased, and the unit is remarketed based on customer requirements.

Any equipment that is not able to be reused is disassembled and separated into its core elements including aluminum, copper wire, steel, precious metals, glass and plastic. These materials are then recycled in accordance with our environmental and safety standards. We follow a strict No Landfill policy for all electronic equipment that enters our facility to ensure environmentally sound recycling and prevent improper disposal of hazardous materials.

The ultimate goal of SEAM is to safely and securely reuse all materials that can be in accordance with our environmental, health, safety and security certifications, and to return non-reusable materials back to their original element forms through recycling.

If a device is able to be reused, all data is wiped in accordance with SEAM’s data destruction standards and certifications. However, some customers may opt-out of the resale program and require all devices to be shred and recycled. Necessary repairs are made and devices are cleaned to be resold in our online retail store, Bargain Bytes.

Customers may be eligible for revenue sharing or remarketing credit if their equipment is able to be resold.

Data Destruction & Security

We offer data shredding, on-site data shredding and data sanitizing. We also provide security carts for safe collection prior to destruction:

Physical Destruction/Hard Drive Shredding – Data containing devices (e.g. hard drives, disk drives) and removable storage devices (e.g. disks, CDs, DVDs, tapes) are removed and physically destroyed using 3/8” industrial solid state hard drive shredding or 1.5” standard mechanical rotary shredding. Physical data destruction services may be performed on-site at customer location or offsite at SEAM’s secure facility.
Data Wiping/Sanitization – SEAM’s data erasure software is in compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication Series 800-88r1, which is higher than the U.S. Department of Defense Sanitizing (DoD 5220.22-M) standards outlined in the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Operating Manual.

Certificates of Recycling and Data Destruction are provided for all destruction methods.

Checkpoints throughout SEAM's process guarantee equipment is handled securely and complies with the many privacy regulations that exist today. Liability for data continues long after an asset leaves your possession.

By using SEAM, customers are protected with well-established, audited and certified data security and environmental compliance procedures. Detailed tracking and documentation is provided to establish clear chain-of-custody, protecting you against data breaches and keeping in compliance with today's information destruction laws and regulations.

Learn more about our security standards.

SEAM provides Certificates of Destruction and Recycling that serve as proof and verify all data was properly erased and equipment was safely disposed of in compliance with SEAM's certified processes, downstream accountability and a social and environmental management systems.

Please note, Certificates of Recycling are only credible if a certified recycler issues it. The EPA recognizes only two certifications; eStewards and R2.

We also offer detailed reports containing equipment information, transaction details and audit documentation. This information can be used for audits and compliance with regulations including HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, FACTA, ITADA, GLBA, SOX, US Safe Harbor Provisions, LEED certification and other corporate reporting.

Yes. SEAM offers on-site data destruction services to allow customers to witness and verify data destruction prior to hard drives leaving their custody. We also provide lockable security carts and bins to collect hard drives at your location until destruction services are requested.

The type of data destruction used is determined by customer requirements and hard drive functionality. If a customer requires drives to be shredded, they will be completely destroyed via our industrial shredder. If hard drives are functioning and able to be wiped, they will be sanitized in accordance with NIST SP 800-88r1 standards and verified to ensure complete erasure. If a drive or storage media fails the wiping process and cannot be completely erased, it will be shredded down to make data recovery impossible.

Whether erased or destroyed, our certified, audited and validated data destruction processes give you confidence your data will never be compromised and that you will be fully compliant with all data privacy regulations.

From the point of pick up through the data destruction process, SEAM ensures all all data containing devices are secured. We provide lockable security carts for collection, secured trucks for transport, and highly trained SEAM personnel monitoring equipment.

SEAM's facilities adhere to strict security standards, equipped with 24x7 third-party security monitoring, infrared cameras and electronically secured areas. All hard drives and solid state drives are safeguarded in a secure area inside the facility with CCTV coverage both internally and externally until they are wiped or destroyed in accordance with NIST SP 800-88r1 standards. Visitors are tracked by way of security check-ins and visitor badges, and are accompanied by a SEAM representative at all times. Background checks and drug screenings are also required for all SEAM employees.

Pickup & Transportation

We've created some easy to follow videos on how to properly package different types of equipment as well as tools for onsite signage and battery packing guidelines. Check it out here: www.seamservices.com/pack

Yes. SEAM travels to customer locations to pickup equipment, regardless of quality. We don't 'cherry pick' items like brokers or buyers. We will pickup all equipment including the 'no-value' items, ensuring they are removed and properly disposed of.

We also perform on-site services including professional hard drive shredding, computer decommissioning, electronic device removal and secure shipping using our own technicians and fleet of vehicles. By choosing on-location shredding, you ensure complete data destruction before equipment even leaves your property.

Businesses and residents may drop off electronics at our facility located at 3101 N 1st Ave (East of the airport).

Please check in at the front door before bringing your equipment to our drop off door.

Residents are encouraged to bring their electronics to the Household Hazardous Waste facility first to recycle free of charge with the City of Sioux Falls.

Yes. SEAM offers lockable, tamper evident Security Carts and Security Bins to safely store and transport your company's electronic media. We also provide gaylords and packaging materials as needed.

Learn more about security carts and bins.

Yes. SEAM offers computer decommissioning, computer equipment pickup, electronic device removal and secure shipping using our own technicians and our own fleet of vehicles. Contact us for more details on pickup and packing services.

Security, Safety & Environmental Standards

Yes. SEAM is the only certified ITAD provider in the Dakotas with e-Stewards, R2:2013, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, the highest worldwide certifications for environmental management systems and quality processes.

We are regularly audited by third party organizations to ensure our processes are meeting these standards. Our strict No-Export and No-Landfill policies ensure all electronic devices that enter our facility are recycled, reused or resold without ever being shipped to a landfill or a developing country.

Most importantly, every one of our standards is in place to provide our clients with the confidence that all of their equipment will be processed to the highest environmental, secure and ethical standards possible.

Contact us to request our Audit Packet.

There is currently no federal regulations surrounding proper handling of electronic waste. Because of that, third party organizations formed voluntary standards to provide a uniform set of requirements to ensure equipment is handled securely, safely and environmentally sound.

These certifications offer a way to assess the practices of companies and help customers identify credible service providers. Different certifications address data security for hard drive shredding, data wiping and secure handling, environmental standards for proper recycling and disposal, and regulatory or compliance support for verifiable processes and downstream chain of custody trails for audit purposes.

Learn more about what certifications mean.

Yes. SEAM offers Certificates of Destruction and Recycling for all equipment processed as well as detailed reports with transactional and asset-based data, giving customers the proof they need to:

Comply with industry regulations.

Comply with corporate data security or environmental policies.

Communicate their sustainability initiatives as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting (CSR).

Reconcile serial numbers upon transfer of ownership.

Yes, see our EHS Policy here: https://seamservices.com/ehspolicy

Yes. Based on your location and industry, various legislation regulations require businesses to properly handle, archive and destroy electronic records.

The Federal government also monitors improper disposal through the RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act). Any violation may result in penalties up to $27,500 per incident.

Many communities have enacted local legislation regarding proper recycling as well. For example, if you are located in the Sioux Falls area, electronic equipment is banned from the landfill.

Learn what regulations are required by your industry.


In Sioux Falls and many other communities, it is illegal to dispose of electronics in the landfill. Most electronics contain hazardous materials including mercury, lead, and cadmium. If buried, these hazards will leach out and contaminate the environment - Water is poisoned, air turns toxic, soil becomes unusable, and wildlife and plant life suffer.

Recycling allows electronics and their parts to be used again, preventing further mining and preventing hazardous materials from entering the environment.

Often times, brokers who offer money for all of your old equipment are not properly handling the equipment on the disposal side. They may strip out all of the valuable materials to make some fast cash, dumping any devices or parts that can't be resold. This is a problem.

Learn More.

Obsolete equipment is usually not accepted by charities unless they are in good working condition or they have a method of refurbishing the devices. If you decide to donate equipment, make sure all devices are properly wiped of all data to ensure you maintain compliance with industry regulations and protect your own private data. Failure to effectively destroy all data prior to the transfer of ownership leaves your organization vulnerable to corporate liability.

In Sioux Falls, there is a community project through ZEAL safely and securely serving nonprofits in the area with their IT equipment needs: https://www.startupsiouxfalls.com/reboot/

SEAM is focused on security and compliance for our customers, which sets us apart from other electronics brokers and recyclers out there.

We are the only certified electronics recycler and reseller in the Dakotas to both e-stewards and R2, the highest certifications and standards in the industry. We provide our customers with confidence, giving them the proof they need to comply with industry regulations and corporate data security or environmental policies, as well as communicate sustainability initiatives.

Our local presence with one point of contact simplifies vendor relations and allows us to respond quickly to new service requests and special projects.

Learn more about why customers choose SEAM.