Resale & Remarketing

Refurbishing, Remarketing & Reuse

Value recovery comes in many different forms. Along with financial return on electronic assets, when the right IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program is in place organizations benefit from increased efficiencies, security and sustainability benefits. 

Emphasis on Reuse: SEAM’s main goal is to reuse equipment as much as possible. Through refurbishment, redeployment, resale, and disassembly, greater value recovery and sustainability is achieved.

Revenue Share: SEAM’s certified technicians assess the resale potential of an asset based on the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition. Assets that are able to be reused are wiped of all data, cleaned, tested, refurbished and repaired to obtain the best possible remarketing value. Clients may be eligible for revenue sharing or remarketing credit if their equipment is able to be resold.

With SEAM, customers can maximize the value of their IT assets.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership:

Gartner defines total cost of ownership (TCO) as a comprehensive assessment of information technology (IT) costs across enterprise boundaries over time including hardware management and end-user expenses. By utilizing SEAM’s asset recovery services, customers can optimize their TCO by taking advantage of our credit share program to gain value back from their reusable equipment. Contact us to learn more about our credit share program.

Equipment Sourcing:

Acquisition of refurbished equipment from SEAM’s online retail store, DBA Bargain Bytes, allows customers to procure high-end equipment at affordable prices. Customer employees also have a unique opportunity to purchase equipment previously owned by their employer. This option can boost morale and support corporate sustainability initiatives. Bargain Bytes increases resale value and ensures software compliance.