Equipment Removal

On-Site Services: Asset Removal & Transportation

Today’s businesses are under immense pressure to protect their data-bearing assets. This responsibility continues even when equipment leaves your facility.

SEAM travels to customer locations to perform on-site services including computer equipment and server decommissioning, IT equipment pickup, electronic device removal and secure shipping using our own technicians and our own fleet of vehicles. Along with IT asset recovery and removal, SEAM also performs professional shredding of hard drives and other data-containing media. This ensures complete data destruction before equipment even leaves your property.

Securing Your IT Assets:

Security Carts are provided for customers to conveniently and securely collect hard drives at their location. After on-site services are performed, SEAM technicians transport all equipment utilizing our own fleet of trucks to our secure facility in Sioux Falls, SD for further processing.

Providing Peace of Mind:

SEAM allows you to witness the on-site shredding process right at your facility. We also provide Serial Number Reports and Certificates of Destruction and Recycling for complete transparency.

Certified Guarantee

Backed by the highest standards in the industry, we guarantee proper data destruction and environmentally sound recycling for your IT assets. 

Maintaining Asset Value:

All assets are securely packed and shipped by a SEAM technician, ensuring value is maintained for potential revenue share or remarketing credit.

Local and Convenient:

With a local team, we are proudly able to respond to your service request as soon as you need it. No waiting for third party availability to schedule a pickup.

Reducing your Labor:

Using the SEAM team for on-site labor saves you time and lets your employees focus on their jobs.

Protect your company’s reputation and data security with SEAM's on-site services. We make sure your devices are properly handled so you can focus on your core business.