Protect Your Private Information.

SEAM’s shredding services help you stay in compliance. Our expert team understands that you need peace of mind when it comes to your data and your security is our highest priority.

All accepted paper is recycled after shredding is complete, ensuring further security while supporting your sustainability goals.

SEAM manages the risk so you don’t have to.

paper shredding carts


Secure document destruction carts may be delivered to your location for convenient collection until documents are ready to be shred onsite or taken offsite to be shred at SEAM’s certified facility.

Certificates of destruction are provided for all  services and made available 24/7 in SEAM’s
online customer portal.

paper shredding truck


Mobile shredding* brings the destruction right to your doorstep for total transparency.

SEAM’s document shred truck allows you to witness the shredding process and minimize your liability.

A one-time clean out or recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services are available.

paper shredding truck


All material may be securely transported to SEAM’s certified facility using locked containers to ensure complete chain-of-custody.

Offsite shredding is a secure and economical option with the ability to track your materials online via the customer portal
and easily access certificates of destruction.


Secure shredding lets businesses safely and cost effectively destroy paper that may contain sensitive information. Shredding helps prevent identity theft and data breaches, frees up space, and supports sustainability efforts through recycling.

SEAM accepts specific types of paper to ensure recyclability:

  • Office, Mixed & Cardstock Paper - All Grades and Colors are OK; Staples and Paperclips are OK ; Remove Clamps, Binders, or Binding ( Examples include copier paper, computer paper, fax machine paper, ledger, ticket stubs, lottery tickets, carbonless forms, newspaper, road maps, blue prints, drawings, etc)
  • Paper File Folders - Remove Metal Hangers; Soft Tabs are OK (Examples include manila folders, accordion folders, etc)
  • Paper Ream Wrappers (Examples include copier, office, colored paper ream wrappers, etc)
  • Notepads/Sticky Notes - Remove Metal or Spiral Bindings (Examples include post-it notes, legal pads, etc)
  • Small Paper Tape/Rolls - Remove Plastic or Metal Reels/Cores (Examples include adding machine paper, calculator paper, cash register paper, receipts, thermal paper, etc)
  • Envelopes - Windows, Labels, & Stamps are OK -(Examples include regular #10, window envelopes, kraft envelopes, brown envelopes, white envelopes, etc)

For a full list of accepted items, get the guide here:

Some items cannot be shred as paper, but may still be shred for destruction.  These CANNOT Be mixed with paper for recycling, but there are options for shredding. Contact SEAM to schedule non-paper shredding services of the following types of items:

• Hard Drives
• Flash Drives
• Backup Tapes
• CDs & DVDs
• Cell Phones
• VHS & Beta Tapes
• Other Storage Media
• Credit Cards, ID Cards
• Plastic Pill Bottles
• Micro-fiche
• Photographs
• X-Rays & Negatives
• Books (soft & hard cover)
• Catalogs & Magazines
• Goldenrod Colored Paper
• Carbon Paper
• Wet Strength Paper
• Stock Certificates

For a full list of Non-Paper Items that can be shred separately, get the guide here:

Some items are NOT ACCEPTABLE for shredding in any instance. SEAM refers to these as Zero Tolerance Items. DO NOT INCLUDE the following for shredding:

  • NO Batteries
  • NO Pharmaceuticals
  • NO materials that contain any amount of medical, organic, food, hazardous, poisonous, radioactive or other harmful waste, substances or liquids.

For a full list of Zero Tolerance items, get the guide here:

Documents are shred with 5/8" (13.5mm) shred knives

Prices are based on volume. Discounts are available for contracted services. Contact us for details.

Yes, depending on location, frequency and volume, one-time cleans out or recurring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services are available.

SEAM primarily serves the Sioux Falls metro area for onsite document shredding, but depending on location frequency and volume, onsite shredding services are available outside metro area.

SEAM offers various secure containers for Document Destruction. Learn more here

*Pickup services and offsite document shredding is available to all service areas.
(Onsite paper shredding currently limited to the Sioux Falls Metro area)