About SEAM

Why Do Customers Choose SEAM?

The rapid evolution and constant use of technology causes IT assets to be taken off the network for storage, transition, repair or disposition every day. This frequent refresh cycle leaves many organizations overloaded with unused technology equipment, exposing them to catastrophic organizational risks.

That’s where SEAM comes in - By aligning themselves with SEAM, customers are covered by the highest industry standards and certifications. SEAM’s skilled technicians make sure the job is done the right way through seamless asset management.

SEAM's Story:

SEAM originated as a small division of Millennium Recycling Inc., one of the largest materials recovery facilities (MRF) in the Upper Midwest, known for introducing Single Stream recycling to the Sioux Falls area. In 2004, Millennium Recycling, Inc. became the first company in the state of South Dakota to recycle consumer electronics.

With an early focus on “end-of-life” recycling, Millennium soon discovered the high demand for refurbishing and remarketing of gently used systems and parts. As a result, a retail store was opened in 2006 to provide customers with an affordable option for refurbished equipment. The store was named Bargain Bytes and operated as a division of Millennium Recycling until 2012, when Bargain Bytes, Inc. was formed as a separate company, becoming the first and only fully certified electronics recycler in all of the Dakotas.

By 2015, the growing client demand for a full service suite of secure data destruction and IT recycling steered Bargain Bytes to invest in mobile and in-plant industrial shredders, as well as a proprietary equipment tracking system to provide transparent, chain-of-custody reporting. Bargain Bytes rebranded as SEAM in 2016 with a vision to help companies mitigate the risks of IT management in a cost effective way.

By providing seamless services that safeguard clients against needless threats such as data security, financial, environmental, legal, brand and loss of operational efficiency, companies rely on SEAM for compliant and secure IT asset recovery and environmentally safe electronics recycling.

The company undergoes stringent internal and external audits to maintain compliance with e-Stewards, R2, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications, the highest worldwide standards for data security, environmental management systems and quality processes. SEAM is also a member in good standing with the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and operates an online retail store, Bargain Bytes.

Secure IT Asset Disposition:

ITAD consists of processes and procedures for the disposal of obsolete IT equipment. All assets are tracked through SEAM’s secure facility to their final destination, ensuring transparency, data security and environmental responsibility.


SEAM is a full service end-of-cycle/life electronic recycling including testing, refurbishment, asset recovery, data security, collection, sorting and dismantling in a manner protecting the environment, worker health and safety, data security, our clients and our community.