The Frugal Guide to Buying High-End Refurbished Equipment

Feb 6, 2024

IT equipment — including computers, servers, and more — makes up a considerable portion of any office budget. These assets are often incredibly expensive when they are purchased new, sometimes even prohibitively so.

But did you know that your organization could save a large portion of your IT budget by opting to buy refurbished equipment instead?

This is particularly true for high-end equipment. These types of assets are more likely to retain optimal functionality over their lifespan, which means that you won’t see a drop in performance when you choose used equipment.

With professional refurbishment, the equipment you buy could seem as good as new. Here are some simple tips to get the most of your high-end refurbished equipment.

Buy in Bulk

The best way to leverage your refurbished IT equipment buying power is to buy wholesale. You might think this counterintuitive, but if you work with an asset management company, you’ll quickly see how cost-effective this approach can be.

Whether you need desktop computers, laptops, servers, or individual components like RAM or hard drives, buying in bulk can greatly reduce your overall cost.

Try to coordinate equipment changeovers within your organization whenever possible or simply make some purchases ahead of schedule to take advantage of bulk rates.

Always Work with a Professional Reseller

Your high-end IT equipment is still likely to be a significant investment even if you are saving money compared to buying new. You don’t want to risk this investment by working with an untrustworthy seller. Instead, make sure you choose to partner with a long-standing company that knows their stuff.

By working with professionals, you’re more likely to get equipment that has been refurbished to meet your expectations. You can expect higher performance and greater longevity.

Don’t Wait Around

Shopping around and waiting to find the best price is often a great way to save some money — but this is not always the case when it comes to high-end refurbished IT assets. When you find a great deal, you have little reason to believe it’s going to last for long.

Any great bargain that stands out to you will look just as impressive to any other potential buyer. Refurbished IT assets don’t come in on a regular schedule, so you might never find that particular asset at that price ever again.

Be Aware of Warranties & Return Policies

When you’re buying any product, you should be aware of the seller’s return policy and whether there is any warranty available for the equipment. This isn’t something that you want to find out about only after something has gone wrong!

A reputable reseller will be very upfront with this information. While you can’t expect the same kind of warranty you would get with new equipment, you should still have some protection on your purchase.

Get the Best Prices on Your Refurbished Equipment

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