The Many Layers of Protection Document Shredding Provides for Your Business

May 12, 2020

Even if you understand the importance of data destruction to protect your North Dakota business and the sensitive, personal data your customers entrust you with, you might not think that you need to outsource document shredding.  Can’t you destroy hard copies in house and save a ton of money?

You can certainly purchase a shredder and task employees with document destruction, but there are so many ways this could go wrong.  Your employees might accidentally throw important documents in the trash instead of shredding them, or they might just get lazy and throw everything in the trash.  You might end up with piles of paper to be shredded, left out in the open where anyone can access the confidential data documents contain.

Your shredding equipment might not meet all applicable standards, failing to comply with privacy laws or industry regulations.  Plus, you have to consider the cost of buying and maintaining commercial shredding equipment, not to mention taking high-paid employees away from more productive tasks.

In truth, you stand to gain a lot by partnering with a certified ITAD service provider that offers mobile document shredding services.  Here are a few of the many layers of protection your company will enjoy when you outsource document shredding to a trusted partner.

Protection Against Internal Theft

It’s natural to worry about unscrupulous thieves diving in your dumpsters to steal documents that might lead to data breach or identity theft.  What you might not expect is for trusted employees to engage in data theft.

While it’s not a bad thing to trust employees, you also need to exercise oversight when it comes to protecting confidential data.  You owe it to your customers to keep their identities secure.  The first way your mobile shredding service protects your company and your customers is with locking bins for in-office use, so the documents that go in won’t come back out until they’re picked up for shredding.

Proven Results

If you’re at all nervous about sending documents out for shredding, your mobile service has you covered with plenty of proof to give you peace of mind.  It starts with on-site shredding, using industrial equipment, while you watch.  Or you could choose off-site shredding, with reporting to establish chain of custody, and an online customer portal for tracking.  You’ll also receive Certificates of Destruction and Recycling as proof for your records.

Secure Transport and Recycling

Security is your greatest concern, and the right shredding company not only offers security at their facility, but also during transport and recycling.  In short, you’ll enjoy the height of security throughout the shredding and recycling process, with measures in place to protect data every step of the way.


Keeping up with changing laws is a major hassle, which is why you can rely on your trusted shredding service to remain up-to-date with environmental laws, consumer privacy laws (federal, state, and local), and even industry regulations that apply to businesses that deal with medical or financial data, for example.  At every turn, professional document shredding services provide layers of protection and convenience that make compliance easy.

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