Important Considerations When Creating a Shredding Schedule

Jul 27, 2023

Shredding your documents according to a set schedule can be beneficial for your organization in a variety of ways, but there are a few things you’ll want to account for before you set that plan up. To help ensure that your scheduled shredding is as effective and efficient as possible, consider the following factors:

How Often You’ll Need to Shred

The frequency of your shredding is something that should be determined based on the needs of your organization. Some only shred once a year, while others do so once a week. If you shred too often, you may be wasting money, but if you shred too infrequently, you may be putting sensitive information at risk. Take a close look at what your shredding needs are before setting a schedule in stone.

Your Shredding Process

When you hire a third-party shredding service, you’re putting much of your asset management needs in the hands of experienced professionals, which can alleviate some of your organization’s burden and help reduce risk, but there is still some responsibility on your hands during that process, and you should develop a clear protocol to cover those obligations.

Your entire company needs to be aware of where your shred bins are and what documents should be placed in them. You should also delegate any duties that need to be covered on the day of your scheduled shredding to trusted members of your team.

Convenient Timing

Determining the most convenient time for your organization to schedule its shredding can make the process seamless. You don’t want to choose an arbitrary time or date, so take a careful look at your schedule and find a time that’s best for you.

On-Site or Off-Site Shredding

At SEAM, we offer both onsite and offsite shredding in order to suit your organization’s needs, so it’s important to determine which process would be most beneficial for you. Onsite shredding offers plenty of convenience, and it can also be a necessity if there needs to be a witness to the shredding, but there are times when offsite shredding is simply the better option, such as when dealing with a large number of documents.

Managing Proof of Compliance

Certificates of destruction can be critical to remaining compliant with the various laws that pertain to your industry. If you ever need to provide proof of the location, date, or any witnesses, these documents are your one and only formal option. Make sure to maintain a clear protocol regarding the safekeeping of your certificates of destruction before any outsourced shredding occurs.

Knowing When to Hire a Shredding Service

There are certain industries in which hiring a shredding service isn’t really an option, meaning you’ll need one to ensure continued compliance. However, even in industries where you may not need to outsource your shredding, there is still a level of convenience and added security that can make both compliance and your everyday life easier. Consider that, alongside everything else in this guide, before reaching out to your local shredding service.

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