4 Ways a Shredding Service Saves You Money

May 5, 2021

No matter how you do it, paper shredding is going to cost your business money. That’s a fact. Whether your North Dakota business purchases their own shredder and pays in employee hours to get the job done or you hire a professional data destruction service like SEAM, taking care of outdated paper documents is an expense.

There’s no doubt that contracting with a service is more convenient. But which option is the most economical?  It may surprise you to hear that a professional shredding service can actually save your business money in the long run.

Here are four of the ways that a professional shredder can get the job done affordably, saving you money.

1.   Better Use of Space

Shredders and file cabinets take up space. Some businesses have so much outdated paper documentation that they even have to rent additional square footage just to keep it all securely stored.

With a shredding service, unnecessary papers are taken away each week or each month, according to your needs. You’ll no longer need to reserve office space for an industrial shredder or the giant bales of shredded paper it produces.

A securely locked document cart from SEAM takes up less space than all the supplies required to shred documents in-house. And it can be easily moved to any convenient spot in the office. No outlets required!

2.   Employee Costs

How many pieces of paper can be fed into the shredder at your office? And how long does it take to remove all the staples and paperclips to grind up one folder full of documents? When the job is done, someone still needs to dispose of the shreds.

It may not seem like that much time, but day after day, it adds up. And that’s valuable, paid time when employees could be doing something more productive than standing in front of a shredder.

SEAM offers a variety of shredding services at price points that are designed to fit every budget. By hiring a shredding service in North Dakota, the job will be completed faster and more efficiently without sacrificing security.

3.   Protecting Your Reputation

If your business deals with sensitive documents that contain HIPPA protected information or information that could be used by identity thieves, secure disposal is your priority. A security breach could devastate your business, resulting in fines, a loss of customer trust, and a loss of future business.

4.   Maintenance Costs

Depending on the needs of your company, you could spend a few hundred or a few thousand dollars on a shredder. Frequent use requires frequent maintenance. Servicing the blades, buying new parts, and paying for repairs is also part of your disposal cost.

Paying a shredding service means that you’ll never have to spend the day taking apart a shredder to fix a jam or watching documents pile up because the shredder is broken again.

Effective Paper Shredding in North Dakota

SEAM saves businesses throughout North Dakota time and money. We are the only certified ITAD provider in North Dakota or South Dakota and we are proud of our strict “no landfill” policies.

We offer onsite document destruction for ultimate transparency, as well as haul-away services.  For more information about the affordability of contracting with SEAM, contact us for a free quote.

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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