Archives for May, 2018

  1. Data breaches are not always the result of hacking. Lack of security policies, password protections, and stolen equipment- one break in the chain can put companies at risk.

  2. SEAM is proud to sponsor Girls Breaker Day 2018 - We will be donating computers, keyboards, and other electronics for 5th to 10th grade Sioux Falls girls to take apart! Join us Saturday, May 26th between 10am – 3pm in Sioux Falls.

  3. Property managers in Sioux Falls have to deal with tenants leaving behind everything from Stereos and Speakers, to Televisions and Computers, to Monitors and Microwaves, and everything in between. When it comes to electronic junk removal from rental properties, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  4. It’s time to upgrade to Windows 10, follow these tips to refresh your hardware simultaneously to ensure optimal integration.

  5. Law firms should seek out services that not only overwrite data, but also securely destroy and recycle physical components. Learn how to properly manage the security threats faced by law offices.

  6. It starts with awareness—companies need to know the risks that come along with improper handling of e-waste. By following these simple tips they can make sure their program is in compliance.

  7. When hard drives are ready to be destroyed, throwing them away is not an option, even if you wipe them first. Lingering data could be recovered by dumpster-diving thieves. Neither do you want to try DIY methods of destruction like driving nails through your hardware. Learn why.

  8. Most businesses don't have the time to inventory, research prices, and resell their own used computer equipment, and if they wait too long the return won't be worth the effort. Outsourcing this step is a smart idea to get the best ROI, but choose your vendor wisely.