Girls Breaker Day 2018!

May 22, 2018

Girls Breaker Day invites girls from 5th grade to 10th grade to come take stuff apart! You can bring your own stuff if you want, but we’ll have computers, keyboards, and other stuff to take apart too… and we DO have a purpose… to learn about computers & electronics. Girls Breaker Day is kind of like a “maker-fair” where girls can go from one station to another at their own pace. Join us Saturday, May 26th between 10am – 3pm in Sioux Falls. This event is FREE courtesy of Journey Group, CybHER, SDN Communications, and SEAM. Learn more at

Why? Because by the age of 10, most girls have decided that computers, electronics, engineering, science, and math are not cool, too complicated, or just for boys. We want to fix that. We need to a better job exposing and encouraging our girls to consider STEM career fields.

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