Hard Drive Shredding in North Dakota

Hard Drive Shredding in North Dakota

Data security and destruction has become a major concern for many businesses. With the prevalence of data breaches and identity theft, businesses must take a number of steps to protect the confidential consumer data that is entrusted to them, including personal information like names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card information, and so on.

This means not only protecting current data through firewalls, encryption, and more, but also ensuring that data is properly destroyed so that it cannot be retrieved from old and outdated equipment and devices. While having your hard drives professionally wiped is one option to explore, many businesses prefer complete destruction.

SEAM is pleased to offer hard drive shredding services to North Dakota businesses in Bismarck, Fargo, West Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot, and other areas. Our commitment to security and compliance eliminates legal and ethical concerns related to data destruction.

Our Process
A DIY approach to shredding hard drives is not only dangerous and cost-prohibitive, but it often doesn’t deliver results that comply with legal standards for data destruction. Partnering with SEAM means you’ll get professional, secure hard drive shredding services guaranteed to comply with applicable laws and even industry standards for financial, educational, healthcare, data center, or other operations.

First, we provide your business with locking carts and bins for secure storage. Employees can deposit hard drives into these carts or bins, where they cannot be retrieved. During scheduled collections, SEAM professionals will come to your location for pickup.

At this point, you can either elect to watch as hard drives are shredded on-site using industrial shredding equipment, or our team of trained professionals will package, load, and transport your devices to our secure facility for sorting, destruction, and recycling. SEAM offers the secure and convenient services businesses expect and deserve.

Security and Compliance
Security and transparency are of the utmost importance when it comes to data destruction, to ensure compliance with all applicable laws. SEAM not only offers secure pick-up and storage until your hard drives are shredded, but we also allow for tracking of devices for your peace of mind.

Upon collection, devices will be scanned by serial number for tracking purposes, after which you can view the status of your order via our 24/7 client portal. Once hard drives have been shredded and recycled, you’ll receive a Certificate of Destruction and Recycling as proof for your records.

Our strict adherence to data security protocols ensures compliance with all applicable laws and industry regulations, and our talented team stays up-to-date with the latest legislation so you don’t have to. Detailed reporting provides the transparency and peace of mind your business expects, as well as a chain-of-custody audit trail for your protection.

Certified ITAD Service Provider
Our dedication to meeting and exceeding the highest standards for security and transparency in IT asset disposition has made SEAM a certified ITAD service provider. SEAM is not only a member in good standing of the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), but we submit to both internal and external audits to maintain compliance with strict standards required for a variety of certifications.

When your North Dakota business needs an ITAD partner that offers reliable services, transparency, and regulatory compliance, contact the experts at SEAM at 605-274-7326 (SEAM).