Why You Should Leave Hard Drive Destruction to the Professionals

May 29, 2019

We live in an era of unparalleled access to data. In many ways, this is a boon. When properly collected and collated, mass amounts of data can help us to improve dramatically, addressing problems on a global scale and planning for a better future.

Unfortunately, collection and storage of data can also be dangerous. As a Sioux Falls, SD business owner, you have to take steps to protect the sensitive consumer data you collect, including personal information like names, addresses, birthdates, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and so on.

You must keep this data secure not only while you’re using it, but also when you elect to dispose of the devices where it is stored. When computers, laptops, smartphones, and other business IT equipment and devices become outdated and you upgrade to newer products, it’s essential that you dispose of them properly, in keeping with associated rules and regulations. Here are a few good reasons why you should leave this task to the pros.

Compliance with Privacy and Environmental Laws
Business owners are beholden to a slew of laws related to data destruction. First and foremost, you have to comply with privacy laws (federal, state, and in some cases, local) that govern how you must protect consumer data when you collect, store, and destroy it. Some industries have additional regulations (like HIPAA for healthcare and FACTA for finance, just for example) that impose even stricter standards.

Then there are environmental laws related to recycling e-waste like IT equipment and electronic devices, including hard drives. Sioux Falls, SD businesses naturally want to comply with all applicable laws, but with technology and laws changing, it can be hard to keep up. Professional ITAD service providers stay abreast of these laws and comply with them on your behalf.

Superior Data Destruction Services
The strict standards related to data destruction mean you’ll need appropriate equipment and software to do it on your own. If you don’t want to risk mistakes and you’d rather avoid the expense of purchasing and maintaining this equipment in-house, a certified ITAD service provider can take care of it for you.

With industrial shredders to destroy hard drives and wiping software to eliminate data for remarketing purposes, your ITAD service provider will handle disposition for you, in concert with all applicable laws. In addition, security measures like locking bins for in-office hard drive collection, secure pick-up and transport to shredding facilities, and 24/7 tracking via client portal until destruction ensure a partnership you can trust.

Peace of Mind
Every aspect of professional data destruction is designed to deliver peace of mind, from security and tracking measures, to the use of equipment and software that meets or exceeds legal standards, to remaining up-to-date with privacy and environmental laws. Once devices are destroyed, your certified ITAD service provider will even deliver proof with Certificates of Destruction and Recycling for your records.

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