Tips for Successful IT Asset Liquidation

Oct 17, 2020

If you’ve recently updated a major portion of your IT infrastructure, you’re no doubt enjoying the benefits of the latest technologies, including greater efficiency, productivity, and profit, not to mention enhanced security.  This is all good news for your workforce, your customers, and your company at large.

The downside is that you now have to deal with a glut of old and outdated IT equipment and devices, which are sitting in storage and creating massive liability.  In other words, it’s in your best interest to dispose of your stockpile as quickly as possible, in order to prevent loss or theft that could result in data breach, identity theft, and the many consequences that follow.

While some South Dakota businesses opt to simply shred and recycle assets to ensure total destruction of data, you may be interested in remarketing still usable equipment and devices to recoup some cost.  The trick, of course, is to do it in a secure and compliant manner.  How can you safely and expediently liquidate IT assets while protecting your company and your customers?  Here are a few simple tips for successful IT asset liquidation.

Understand Compliance

If your IT asset management plan calls for shredding as the best means of asset disposition, you may be understandably concerned about the prospect of selling off used equipment and devices.  Can it be done safely, securely, and in compliance with applicable consumer privacy laws?  The answer is yes.

When you work with a certified ITAD service provider that offers remarketing services, in addition to shredding, you have the best opportunity to recoup some cost for IT assets without compromising security.   You just have to make sure devices are properly wiped, with junk data like zeros and ones overwriting existing data to ensure total elimination of any confidential data you are required to properly dispose of, in keeping with consumer privacy laws and acts like HIPAA and FACTA that govern sensitive medical and financial data, respectively.

Consider Potential Value

Once you’ve decided that you can safely wipe and remarket devices, you need to make sure it’s actually worthwhile to do so.  This depends largely on the type of equipment you have and how old it is.  As businesses are well aware, computer and internet technologies advance rapidly.

While this can lead to frequent turnover, it also means equipment and devices can quickly become obsolete.  Before you undertake the process (and expense) of wiping IT assets, be sure that you have a good chance of selling for a profit.

Partner with a Certified Vendor

Although proper wiping is an approved means of disposing of data, it’s understandable to have some level of trepidation when you trust a third-party vendor to do it for you, since you’re still the one legally responsible for keeping consumer data secure.  This is why it’s so important to choose a certified ITAD service provider that meets standards for secure and ethical operations, and that offers transparency for your peace of mind.

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