The Environmental Benefits of IT Asset Remarketing

Sep 26, 2023

IT asset remarketing is an excellent way to recover value from your old computers, laptops, servers, and other equipment. However, there’s more to it than the financial benefit alone. You’re also helping to improve your organization’s environmental impact by choosing responsible IT asset disposal.

Getting the Most Out of Every Asset

Just because you’re finished with your IT assets doesn’t mean they aren’t useful anymore. When it comes to sustainability, reuse is the optimal choice for any IT assets. While recycling is also a responsible disposal method, reusing equipment until it can’t be used any longer is even better.

Remarketing IT assets puts less demand on new production, which in turn means less use of natural resources and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Ensuring that an asset is used for its complete lifespan also improves the ratio of productive use compared to environmental impact.

Making a Difference Where It Really Matters

IT assets are among the most important areas to focus on when it comes to sustainable reuse. Computers and other equipment contain a variety of scarce natural resources. Materials like Copper, nickel, tin, and even small amounts of silver and gold are all inside. By remarketing assets, you help reduce the exploitation of these natural resources.

Lithium has quickly become a prime example of this topic. Today, lithium is widely used in batteries in all types of electronic devices. Lithium mining has a considerable environmental impact, so recovering any and all lithium batteries is essential. Don’t let mobile devices or industry-specific equipment with batteries go to waste.

It’s always best to make full use of these resources that have already been mined, refined, and processed. The steps it takes to go from ore to electrical components consume significant energy, which in turn means increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Completing the IT Asset Lifecycle

You’d be surprised by how many of your unused IT assets can be successfully remarketed. Even if your equipment seems outdated, there are likely still potential uses for it. However, some equipment can be broken, obsolete, or otherwise unsuitable for remarketing. In these cases, make sure to undergo responsible recycling.

End-of-life assets can be recycled to minimize their environmental impact in disposal. This can mean separating specific components for reuse in other IT assets or sending them to facilities that recover raw materials such as metals, plastics, and glass. In any case, recycling keeps more waste out of landfills and reduces strain on natural resources.

Responsible Remarketing and Disposal With SEAM

You can make the right choice for the environment, ensure data security, and recover value from your IT assets with resale and remarketing by SEAM. We provide a full range of certified IT asset disposal and recycling services in South Dakota and North Dakota. Reach out to us today to see what your unused IT assets may be worth.

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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