Steps to Take After Receiving Your Risk Assessment Results

Risk assessment is an important part of data security for your company. This is the process that helps your business identify any potential threats or vulnerabilities to both your data and that of your customers. Risk assessment is especially important when it comes to disposing of or recycling outdated computers and hard drives.

Once you’ve received your risk assessment results, the journey doesn’t end after you have that report in hand. Instead, it’s important to understand the implications of these findings, how they might impact your business’s reputation and operations, and what you can do moving forward.

Here are key steps you will need to take after receiving your risk assessment results.

Analyze the Results

Once you’ve gotten your risk assessment results, it’s time to analyze the findings thoroughly. The analysis process will vary from company to company, but generally, it should include:

  • A detailed review of each risk identified
  • Understanding the potential impact of each risk
  • Identifying the likelihood of the risk occurring

Some areas you should focus on are weak points where your data security could be compromised, such as not having adequate document shredding procedures or not properly disposing of hard drives.

Keep in mind that even something that seems like a minor breach could become a big problem, leading to devastating consequences for your professional reputation and finances.

Implement Proper Data Destruction and Recycling Procedures

After analyzing your results and risks, you will need to implement proper data destruction and recycling procedures that are required company-wide. This is where professionals like SEAM in Sioux Falls, SD, come in.

We offer comprehensive solutions for all types of businesses and specialize in computer and hard drive recycling, data destruction, and mobile document shredding.

Secure Data Destruction

Secure data destruction isn’t just about deleting files from your computers or hard drives. In order for the data destruction to be thorough, you need to completely eradicate that data and ensure it cannot be recovered in any way, shape, or form.

At SEAM, we use industry-standard methods to ensure your data has been completely destroyed, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing sensitive company information cannot be accessed by the wrong people.

Computer and Hard Drive Recycling

Recycling old computers and hard drives is not only a responsible thing to do for the environment, but it’s a secure way to dispose of old equipment. The professionals at SEAM ensure that your data is completely deleted before recycling, which prevents potential data breaches.

Regularly Review and Update Your Procedures

Data security is an ongoing task, so it’s essential to commit to regularly reviewing and updating your procedures to keep them effective and up-to-date. A helpful tip is to conduct regular risk assessments to help you identify any new vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

This gives you the opportunity to get ahead of any issues and prevent complications later.

Data Destruction and Recycling Services in North Dakota and South Dakota

The steps you take after receiving risk assessment results can greatly impact the future of your business. For secure, reliable data destruction and recycling services in the Dakotas, you can turn to SEAM.

Call us today to discuss the results of your risk assessment and how you can protect your company’s future.

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