Reduce Risk: Why Your Company Should Implement a Clean-Desk Policy

Jul 19, 2022

If you’re an office manager or a team leader, chances are you’ve heard of or even implemented a clean desk policy. This top strategy to reduce the risk of security breaches in your office requires your team members to store away all confidential documents while they are not in use.

If your company doesn’t have a clean desk policy, read on to learn how implementing one can help secure confidential information and reduce the risks of a data breach.

Why Is a Clean Desk Policy Important to Cyber Security?

A clean desk policy is an important component of cyber security and information security programs. It requires your team members to keep all confidential documents out of sight while they are not being used.

It may seem like an inconvenience, but a clean desk policy is a great way to reduce the risk of losing sensitive information. By storing everything in one place, your employees can ensure that nothing gets left behind or accidentally mixed with another pile of papers, leading to an accidental disclosure or breach.

This also gives you better control over who has access to what information, which reduces the risk of unauthorized access or leaks.

The clean desk policy is often implemented as part of a broader set of controls known as security awareness training. This type of program helps employees understand their role in keeping sensitive information secure and provides them with the tools and knowledge they need to do so effectively.

Clean desk policies are typically enforced by IT departments or other third-party organizations that have been hired by a company to ensure compliance with regulations.

Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

There are many benefits associated with implementing a clean desk policy.

Keep Confidential Information Secure

Keeping sensitive information out in plain view makes it easier for hackers or other unauthorized individuals to access it. By having employees store away their documents when they’re not using them, you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of security breaches related to lost or stolen documents.

Reduce Risks of Lawsuits

If a company suffers a breach that allows information to get into the wrong hands, it could face legal action from customers who feel their privacy has been violated. A clean desk policy helps reduce this risk by ensuring that all sensitive information is kept confidential and secure so that only authorized personnel have access to it.

Reduce Risks of Identity Theft

Identity theft occurs when someone obtains personal details like Social Security numbers or credit card numbers in order to commit fraud or take out new loans in another person’s name.

A clean desk policy helps prevent identity theft by making sure employees do not leave sensitive documents lying around where they can easily be stolen or lost by someone who shouldn’t have access to them.

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