How to Get the Most Out of End of Life IT Equipment

Jan 11, 2019

When businesses are finished using their computer or networking equipment, what to do with it next can be a challenge. To get the most out of your used IT equipment and stay in compliance, follow this checklist:

  • Get Some Value Back to Reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership):
    Value recovery comes in many different forms. Along with financial return on electronics, when the right IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) program is in place organizations benefit from increased efficiencies, security and sustainability benefits.
    Look for a professional company who offers revenue share for IT devices. If they offer to purchase equipment before they process it, be weary. Often times these buyers will sell the “good” stuff and dump the rest, leaving you on the hook for any compliance issues for improperly disposing of the waste. Good services providers will be able to assess the resale potential of an asset based on the age, functionality, appearance and overall condition. If your electronics are able to be reused, make sure the company is certified to properly wipe all data, clean, test, refurbished and repair the equipment to guarantee the best possible remarketing value and protect your data.


  • Remember, Certifications are Important:
    Data security and environmental compliance is vital in today’s high-risk business landscape and there are many vendors who will take your equipment and give you their word…but how do you know they can be trusted?A recent study from Blancco Technology Group found that 78% of drives purchased from eBay and Craigslist contained residual data that could be recovered. 11 % of the drives also contained company data, such as emails, spreadsheets and customer information.
    Luckily, industry standards offer a uniform way to help you identify credible service providers in all areas. Different certifications like R2 Certification and e-Stewards Certification address data security for hard drive shredding, data wiping and secure handling, environmental standards for proper recycling and disposal, and regulatory or compliance support for verifiable processes and downstream chain of custody trails for audit purposes.Other certifications like ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 ensure proper safety and efficiency has been put in place in all procedures.


  • Work with Someone who Makes it Easy:
    When you’re done with your computer equipment, no one wants to spend hours trying to setup a disposal service or take the time to find a buyer for all the different types of IT equipment you may have, let alone take up space while the devices quickly lose resale value.
    If you find an all-in-one service company who is located near your facilities, they will be able to quickly help you when you have excess or old equipment ready to go. Many providers often have online scheduling that even lets you click a button to schedule a dropoff or pickup! Local service providers can offer fast turn-around to help you clear out your space, and will get you the best return possible by using their vast resale connections and dedicated staff to sell your devices. This saves you time, money and space and makes your IT asset disposal program a breeze.

As the only certified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) provider in all of South Dakota and North Dakota, SEAM helps businesses get the most out of their excess or obsolete IT equipment through fast pick-ups, easy drop-offs, revenue share, certified reporting and certified data destruction.

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