Don’t Get Burned: Why Certified ITAD Is Critical For Your Business

When it’s time to retire your used business IT equipment, ensuring compliant disposal and protection of sensitive data is essential. To achieve this, many South Dakota and North Dakota businesses turn to certified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) vendors. But what does certification mean in the ITAD industry, and why is it so critical?

Certification is granted to ITAD vendors that meet certain standards for the handling of electronic waste and the protection of data. The most respected certifications in the industry are R2 and e-Stewards, both of which focus on environmental and data security standards. Another key certification is NAID AAA, which is specific to data destruction and widely recognized as the gold standard in the industry.

Using a non-certified vendor for ITAD poses significant risks. Improper disposal can result in environmental harm, while improper handling of data can lead to security breaches and noncompliance with data protection regulations. Many companies have faced significant fines for improper disposal and data breaches due to a lack of proper ITAD protocols.

For example, in 2022, a major financial institution agreed to pay $60 million to settle lawsuits in addition to the previously paid fines of $35 million for inadequate controls related to decommissioning and reselling devices containing sensitive customer information. Similarly, in 2021, a smaller community health center suffered a major data breach that impacted over 100,000 patients when hard drives containing confidential data were improperly disposed of by a third-party vendor.

When choosing an ITAD partner for your business, certification is critical and can provide numerous benefits. Certified vendors adhere to strict environmental and data security standards, ensuring proper handling of equipment and data destruction. They also provide detailed documentation and reporting of the disposal process, which can be used to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations and environmental laws.

R2, e-Stewards, and NAID AAA are among the most respected certifications in the industry, each with their own specific focus on environmental and data security standards. By working with a certified vendor, businesses can ensure proper disposal of electronic waste and protection of sensitive data, while mitigating the risks associated with non-compliance.

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