Cleaner, Greener IT Asset Disposition

Oct 13, 2020

As a responsible South Dakota business owner, you always want to do your part to support the environment and keep your local community safe and healthy.  When it comes to IT asset disposition, this is easier said than done.

On your own, it’s almost impossible to properly dispose of IT assets in keeping with myriad consumer privacy laws, associated industry regulations (HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA, and more), and environmental laws.  Most companies simply lack the resources to manage IT asset disposition in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

This is why many businesses elect to outsource this critical task.  However, you can’t choose just any company.  You need a reputable and certified ITAD service provider.  Why is this so important when it comes to environmental concerns, and what should you look for in an ITAD partner?

The Cost of Choosing Poorly

When you partner with a third-party vendor to dispose of your IT assets, you need to trust that they’re going to comply with all applicable consumer privacy and environmental laws.  A failure on either score could not only result in penalties for your company, but the compounded consequences related to data breach or identity theft.

An unscrupulous vendor might tell you that IT assets will be shredded and recycled, but then turn around and sell them, putting your company at risk.  They might dump them wholesale, impacting the local environment.  Or they may simply hand them off to downstream partners who sell them, dump them, or ship them overseas.

While such cases are waning, they’re not unheard of, and you naturally want to avoid such situations at all costs.  Not only do you have a legal obligation to protect confidential consumer, employee, and other data, but you must do your part to protect the environment from the harm caused by dumping toxic e-waste.

Environmental Certifications

How can you tell if an ITAD service provider is reliable?  The best way is to look for certifications.  While many businesses know to ask about NAID certification, which ensures standards for security, education, and ethics in data destruction, you’ll also want to learn about environmental certifications related to safe and compliant recycling practices.

An eStewards certification, for example, signifies responsible recycling practices, including assurances that no illegal dumping or export of hazardous e-waste occurs.  The R2:2013 (Responsible Recycling) certification focuses on following best practices in e-waste recycling, including approved processes, safety measures, and documentation requirements.

With the right certifications in place, you can trust that an ITAD service provider subscribes to set standards and submits to oversight, ensuring that your company remains compliant with applicable consumer privacy and environmental laws.

Security and Transparency

While certifications go a long way toward generating trust in an organization, you also need to look for security and transparency in practices.  Some ITAD service providers offer on-site shredding so you can watch as hard drives are destroyed, before being securely hauled away for recycling.

You should ask about chain-of-custody tracking and a 24/7 client portal that allows you to track your e-waste via serial number.  As proof of proper disposal, your vendor should provide you with Certificates of Destruction and Recycling for your records, and your peace of mind.

Your South Dakota business deserves assurances that IT assets will be properly disposed of, in- compliance with all applicable consumer privacy and environmental laws, and SEAM delivers.  Contact us today at 605-274-7326 (SEAM) or online to learn more.

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