Asset Recovery: 3 Factors to Consider

Nov 9, 2019

When it comes to IT asset disposition, or ITAD, you might think that your only option is to shred and recycle hard drives and devices containing confidential customer information.  While this is generally considered the best way to comply with environmental and consumer privacy laws, you could also consider asset recovery as an alternative.

Asset recovery is selling IT equipment and devices you’re no longer using in order to see some return on investment.  In order to do so in compliance with applicable laws so as to protect your company and your customers, devices must be properly wiped and refurbished prior to resale, so that no shred of data remains.

When you work with a certified ITAD service provide, you have the best opportunity to meet your legal and ethical obligations, as well as enjoy some returns that you can reinvest in your business or future IT upgrades.  First, however, you need to make sure it’s the right decision for your South Dakota business.  Here are just a few factors to consider before moving ahead with asset recovery.

Value Depreciation

The main reason to choose asset recovery over e-waste destruction and recycling is to recoup as much as you can from the resale of old electronics.  The problem, of course, is that technologies quickly become outdated these days, what with the rapid pace of advancement.

In other words, you have to put some thought into what you stand to get back from selling your IT assets.  If you don’t have a clear ITAD strategy, and you leave assets sitting in storage too long, they’ll lose all value.  In order to gain the most from remarketing unused equipment and devices, you need to move fast and have a good understanding of which items are worth spending the time and effort to refurbish.

Compliance with Applicable Laws

When it comes to asset disposition, you know there are rules regarding exactly how IT assets should be shredded and disposed of, in keeping with environmental and consumer privacy laws.  Naturally, there are also rules related to asset recovery.

Specifically, you have to go to great lengths to make sure all traces of confidential consumer data are removed from hard drives and devices.  It’s your job to protect the sensitive, personal information your customers provide to you, since failure to do so could result in identity theft.  Properly wiping devices is a crucial part of meeting your legal and ethical obligations, and a certified ITAD service provider can help to ensure total elimination of compromising data.

Acceptable Risk

The final thing you need to consider is the level of risk you find acceptable.  For some companies, no amount of risk is tolerable.  In this case, asset destruction may be the best course, especially if you work with a certified ITAD service provider that offers comprehensive security, tracking, transparency, and Certificates of Destruction and Recycling.

That said, if you partner with a trusted company, you may feel confident allowing professionals to thoroughly wipe hard drives and devices in preparation for remarketing.  You’ll simply have to decide on the best course of action for your South Dakota business.

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