5 Ways an Asset Management Company Can Protect Your Business

Jul 14, 2021

Asset management companies provide several necessary services for businesses of all kinds. With a reliable asset management company, your organization can benefit from the following:

  • Digital information security
  • Paper document security
  • Value recovery
  • Safe disposal for hazardous items
  • Risk assessments

Getting all these essential services under one roof can significantly streamline security for any business. Security and confidentiality are both critical concerns and require the help of real experts to handle correctly.

Value Recovery

Your business has many IT assets that still contain a value after you’re through with them. Computers, hard drives, and other devices have significant resale value. However, your organization will incur security risks by reselling or reusing these items without the help of an asset management company.

These devices still contain your organization’s information even after being deleted and formatted. It is possible for whoever ends up with your device after resale to recover those files. Hard drive wiping ensures that your information is permanently gone, allowing you to recover value by reselling devices containing hard drives.

Hard Drive Disposal

You can’t simply throw hard drives in the trash. They contain private and confidential information that your business can’t let fall into the wrong hands. Proper hard drive disposal involves wiping and then shredding the hard drive to ensure complete protection.

To protect your business, you need hard drive disposal that meets NIST standards. It’s the only way to be sure that your files are genuinely irrecoverable after disposal.

Paper Document Shredding

There are still many important documents that businesses handle in paper form. When these documents have confidential and personal information, they can’t be sent out with regular paper recycling.

Instead, they need secure paper shredding to prevent any unauthorized access to your documents. An asset management company can provide these services both at their facility and on-site at yours.

Risk Assessments

The weak points in your business’s information security aren’t always readily apparent. An asset management company can evaluate your systems and procedures to find these weak points and provide solutions that address them.

Risk assessments can ensure that your organization is following all the regulatory requirements governing confidentiality. If your business doesn’t meet these codes, they could face penalties and increase security risk.

Hazardous Materials Recycling

Most modern offices will have a stockpile of items they know they can’t just throw out but aren’t sure what to do with, such as fluorescent light bulbs and electrical ballasts, batteries, and more.

Asset management companies can handle safe and environmentally sound disposal of these hazardous items for your organization. You can rest easy knowing that they will be dealt with correctly and not pose any risks to your local environment.

All Your Asset Management Needs in North Dakota

At SEAM, we deliver all the asset management services your organization needs to stay safe and secure. We provide risk assessments, shredding services, hard drive wiping and disposal, and hazardous item recycling.

You can find out more about our security and value recovery services by contacting us today.

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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