5 Reasons to Securely Shred Old Media Resources

Apr 24, 2021

Due to popular demand, SEAM has added a mobile document shredding truck to our Sioux Falls, SD, operations. With this new capacity, we invite you to explore the 5 main reasons you need to securely shred old media resources.

The 5 Main Reasons to Shred

At the top of the list is to protect sensitive data. All confidential documents should be shredded before they are disposed of or recycled. All remains of outdated financial documents, sensitive personal information, and personnel records will be rendered unreadable by SEAM’s processes.

This is the chief reason for shredding: To avoid disasters that could result when your sensitive documents and data fall into the wrong hands.

Protecting PII

At the heart of information protection is keeping personally identifiable information (PII) safe from threats. This prevents identity theft. You also protect employee privacy when you destroy confidential, outdated employee files.

Legal Safeguarding

You may have a legal obligation to protect certain information, including in respect to HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, GLB. If you are in healthcare, the legal profession, finance, or many other sectors, you will know exactly what we are talking about. Other sectors may have a legal obligation to protect personal and professional data, too.


As cynical as it might sound, shredding gives your customers confidence in your brand. The value of that can be hard to estimate. But when your customers have trust that their medical or financial records or information will be destroyed securely, they have confidence in other aspects of your business, too.

Space Considerations

Reducing clutter can reduce the amount of real estate you need to maintain. Why keep a warehouse full of potentially harmful PII? Taking up less space can reduce your security risk and save you money in the process.

Environmental Considerations

In a way, this builds on considerations for optics. When your company encourages shredding and recycling in concert, it promotes an image of corporate responsibility. This fosters trust in your company as a partner.

Different Levels of Shredding

Customers have asked about the different types and levels of shredding for some time. For example, SEAM offers a ⅝” strip cut. There are some top secret applications that require cross-cutting (federal regulations and such), but for nearly all business compliance, this is overly costly and unnecessary.

To Shred or Not to Shred?

All manner of media can and should be securely shredded. This includes old floppy disks, CD-ROMs, and even magnetic back-up tapes. Regardless of type, you can be sure it will be done comprehensively and reliably.

Having secure media destruction services for everything from old CD‑ROMs to magnetic back-up tapes is the only way to be sure that your confidential information remains secure – no matter what format you have.

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