4 Kinds of Departments That Can Benefit from On-Site Shredding

Jul 21, 2021

On-site shredding can add another layer of security for departments handling sensitive documents. This shredding service gives peace of mind by letting your organization do the following:

  • Witness the shredding process
  • Verify the chain of document possession
  • Providing quick and convenient shredding

For many departments, this process is more than needed. However, there are certain situations where on-site shredding is an essential part of maintaining security and privacy.

Medical Offices

Medical professions carry some of the most stringent requirements for privacy. HIPAA compliance is always at the forefront of every decision they make. That means significant efforts go towards protecting the confidential information of every patient that comes through their doors.

For medical applications, if you send unshredded documents off the premises, it presents too significant a risk. To ensure that there are no leaks anywhere during handling, you should order on-site document shredding. On-site shredding also provides convenience when handling such a large amount of paper documents.


While schools have some privacy requirements on particular documents, the biggest benefit they receive from on-site shredding is convenience. Schools go through an excessive number of records and paper, making on-site shredding the only viable option.

School enrollments can range from hundreds to even several thousand. Many documents will contain birth dates, addresses, and more. The sheer bulk of these documents to be shredded makes orchestrating pickups or drop-offs unfeasible. On-site shredding is the only way to go.

Government Offices

Different types of government offices go through different quantities of confidential documents. For some departments, everything they handle is confidential. Again, the amount of documents here is what makes on-site shredding such a good option.

On-site shredding removes the pickup and drop-off element of document shredding, leaving one more minor step to the process. In government offices, everything is highly regulated, so simplifying any process can have great benefits.


Any accounting firm or even the accounting departments within larger organizations will have significant demand for document shredding. Personal and business financial documents are all confidential to varying degrees, with some requiring special care about and beyond just shredding. On-site shredding helps meet these stringent security requirements.

Accountants go through documents at such a rapid pace that they often have additional documents to shred by the time the process commences. On-site shredding allows them to shred other documents as they are discovered or produced conveniently. There’s just no way to match the convenience and security that on-site shredding services have for accounting departments everywhere.

Secure Enterprise Asset Management in North Dakota

SEAM can provide shredding services for any size or type of business. Our team delivers both conventional shredding and on-site shredding. You can rest easy knowing that your shredding complies with all security regulations in North Dakota.

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