Accepted Items

SEAM provides electronics recycling services based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and serving businesses across the upper Midwest.

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Laptops, notebooks, desktop computers, and tablet PCs.

Cell phones, MP3 players, cameras and PDAs.

Cable boxes, projectors, stereos, DVD players and VCRs.

Power supplies, circuit boards, cards, cables, and more.

CRTs, LEDs and LCDs.

Florescent tubes, U-Bent florescent, CFL, HID, halogen/incandescent, UV lamps, neon, crushed lamps, non-PCB ballasts, non-PCB capacitors, and 55gal drum crushed lamps.

Keyboards, mice, cables, speakers, and more.

Printers, document scanners, fax machines, desktop plotters, and copiers.

CDs, DVDs, optical discs and VHS tapes.

Desktop servers, rack-mount servers, server racks, cables, routers or switches, and more.

Rechargeable (nickel Based, lithium-ion, laptop/notebook, lead acid), alkaline and battery backups.

Please contact SEAM if there are any questions about acceptance of materials.