Collection Categories

Before sending materials to SEAM, please separate into the below category groups on pallets if possible. Large items can be stacked together and smaller, miscellaneous items can be placed in boxes.

Category Groups:

  • Data Bearing Devices: Desktop Towers Server Equipment Laptop Computers (Other Devices with Data)
  • Misc. Equipment: Keyboards, Mice & Speakers Copiers & Printers Office Phones Cables & Cords (Other Non Data-Bearing Devices)
  • Monitors and TVs: Computer Monitors, Televisions, LCDs, CRTs
Printable Signs:

Use these signs to help your team separate materials into categories. If you cannot sort for any reason, the “All Equipment” sign is also available for non sorted material:

 (Vertical and horizontal layouts available in all categories)


For questions on what type of sorting would be best for your equipment, please contact us.