At SEAM, we understand how important it is to safely handle your technology equipment.

Whether your assets are at the end of their life, the end of their lease, or just need to be transported to a new location, proper packaging will ensure they get to their destination safely and securely. Even material that is considered scrap should be handled with care to protect any reusable parts. 

Packaging Guidelines

SEAM accepts various types of electronic equipment, batteries, and bulbs. Check out our Accepted List for details:

To ensure data security and proper device tracking, follow these guidelines:

Step 1: Follow your company procedures for taking equipment offline. Best practices include capturing asset tags, updating IT Asset inventory and moving equipment to a secure location.
Step 2: In a secure location, remove the hard drive and caddy, record serial number if required, place the drive in security bin or cart, and return hard drive caddy back to unit.
Step 3: Ensure unit is as complete as possible including power supplies and cords, RAM, batteries, drive caddies, monitor stands, and any other detachable parts.
Step 4: Package equipment for shipping (see next section for help).

Print a helpful guide to hang at your workplace: How to Prepare IT Assets

The U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”)  requires all loose batteries to be packaged properly to prevent explosions and fires in transit or at SEAM’s facility. Exposed terminals must be protected with non-conductive caps or tape, or by other appropriate means. When in doubt, tape the terminals.

Follow SEAM's Battery Guidelines to properly prepare and pack your batteries.

Lithium Batteries Non-Lithium Batteries

SEAM accepts various types of documents, paper, hard drives, media and other materials for shredding and data destruction. Check out our Accepted Destruction List for details:

Before sending materials to SEAM, please separate into category groups on pallets if possible. Large items can be stacked together and smaller, miscellaneous items can be placed in boxes (see packing videos in next section for help)

Category Groups:

Data Bearing Devices: Desktop Towers Server Equipment Laptop Computers (Other Devices with Data)
Misc. Equipment: Keyboards, Mice & Speakers Copiers & Printers Office Phones Cables & Cords (Other Non Data-Bearing Devices)
Monitors and TVs: Computer Monitors, Televisions, LCDs, CRTs

Print helpful signs to hang at your workplace: Collection Category Signs

Data Bearing Devices Sign Monitors and TVs Sign

Misc Equipment sign All Equipment Sign

For secure onsite storage, SEAM offers various carts, bins and consoles for easy and secure collection: SEAM Security Containers

Instructional Videos

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