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  1. Organizations must make risk-based decisions on which data destruction method to choose depending on the type of data and potential harm if exposed. Learn which methods work and which don't.

  2. Many companies do not have the equipment or staff to properly manage the disposition of IT assets without the help of a third party. For those who try to do it on their own, here's a few reasons it may be a bad idea.

  3. Many people believe that if a file is deleted, it's gone for good, but that's not the case. In fact, the data from your deleted files stays on your computer and is very easy to recover.

  4. Choosing the best service providers for your business is an important task. For companies to perform optimally, it's a good idea to select partners you can count on.

  5. SEAM is helping Sioux Falls companies safely, securely and efficiently recycle their computer equipment.

  6. According to E-Scrap News, a Georgia company created a fraudulent R2 certificate in an attempt to win a contract from a school district. The document looked very real, with the facility name, date and a fake certificate number. When the school…

  7. The SEAM team has been travelling! We had a great time meeting bankers from our region at the South Dakota Bankers Association Quad States Convention! Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to learn about hard drive shredding and data security…

  8. “We are pleased to announce SEAM as our newest endorsed vendor. They bring a unique set of services that will greatly benefit our members.”

  9. Check out our new packing videos to efficiently and safely package your IT equipment.

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