Your Company’s Footprint Matters: A Breakdown of ITAD Environmental Protections

Apr 21, 2022

All companies have a carbon footprint, which is determined by how much CO2 is released into the environment when doing business. While several factors such as transportation and IT infrastructure influence this measurement, many companies are making significant changes to reduce adverse effects on the environment.

IT equipment is a major contributor to the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. It’s important for companies who heavily rely on IT equipment to reconsider how they use, house, decommission, and dispose of out-of-date equipment.

Major tech companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google have committed to reducing their carbon footprint, leading the way for others to make the same commitments.

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, learning more about ITAD environmental protections will allow you to make changes and do business in an environmentally friendly way.

What Is IT Asset Disposition?

IT asset disposition (ITAD) is the practice of decommissioning and disposing of hardware and other electronic devices in compliance with governing laws and regulations for the protection of the environment.

Companies that must dispose of and recycle IT assets frequently turn to ITAD professionals to help manage their potentially harmful and toxic electronic devices and protect the data they contain.

Why Does ITAD Matter?

In previous years, ITAD was not a mainstream concern for many companies. However, environmental protection agencies have taken an increased interest in encouraging big tech companies, data centers, and other U.S. corporations to be aware of how they contribute to environmental pollution.

When companies do not properly dispose of electronic waste, toxic substances may leak into the soil, air, and groundwater. Improperly disposed of electronic equipment frequently ends up in landfills, which also contributes to pollution.

The main benefits of working with an ITAD partner when decommissioning and disposing of hardware include:

  • Reducing Electronic Waste: Improper disposal of technological equipment is a major contributor to environmental pollution. IT equipment frequently contains toxic metals and substances that can cause harm to humans, animals, and the environment. Working with a reliable ITAD partner will allow you to manage all IT assets throughout their lifecycle. Understanding more about ITAD environmental protections will inform your business decisions and create beneficial opportunities for the resale, reuse, and recycling of old IT equipment.
  • Recovering Value from Used IT Equipment: More companies are interested in buying used IT equipment than ever before. The process of selling outdated equipment is less complicated than you think when workign with a professional reseller, and leads to reducing electronic waste. An ITAD partner can do the heavy lifting for you by preparing IT equipment for sale,  performing certified data sanitization, and selling devices for the highest possible return through appropriate markets and vendors.
  • Influence Supply and Demand: The appropriate management, distribution, and disposal of IT assets reduce the global demand for new electronic equipment. Participating in the resale of used IT equipment and the reuse and recycling of outdated equipment contribute to larger initiatives for environmental protection and sustainability.

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Reducing your carbon footprint and environmental protection are some of the most prominent trends in the IT industry. While many companies hurry to join larger global initiatives and reduce their contribution to CO2 emissions and energy consumption, they may require a reliable ITAD partner to guide the way.

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