Why You Should Consider ITAD a Security Threat

Jun 3, 2019

If you know what IT asset disposition (ITAD) is, then you probably think of it as a major boon to your business and overall data security. In fact, you really do need ITAD policies and procedures in place to remain compliant with applicable privacy and environmental laws related to data and equipment disposal.

The right ITAD system ensures that your Sioux Falls, SD business doesn’t end up with a stockpile of hard drives and other devices, jam-packed with data and posing a serious risk of theft from both internal and external sources. It creates a clear path for employees to properly deposit devices in secure receptacles on-site without fear that unscrupulous coworkers might snatch them.

That said, you need to make sure your ITAD policies and procedures are foolproof in order to minimize threats like theft and data breach, just for example. When you look at your ITAD system as a potential security threat, you have the opportunity to pinpoint areas of high risk and improve your system for even greater security.

Audit Your System
The place to start when treating ITAD as a security threat is to perform a complete audit of your policies and procedures in search of potential risk factors. These could include:
– Inadequate inventory tracking
– No clear responsible party
– Unsecured retired equipment and devices
– Retirement gaps
– Unsecured pickup and transportation to ITAD facilities
– Zero transparency once devices are removed from your premises
– No proof of destruction and recycling

Solutions to Common Security Threats
Some of these issues you can address on your own, within your organization. For example, you should certainly implement a tracking system (by serial number, bar code, or both), complete with employee check-out and return, so you can always track down who has a device or where it is stored. You also need to put a person or department in charge of maintaining and regularly auditing inventory.

Having a plan in place for retirement of devices is essential, as well. Not only do you need to have policies and procedures in place to securely store and remove retired devices from the premises for destruction as quickly as possible, but you need to mitigate risks from lost or stolen devices by installing remote wiping software.

You may need some help from a certified ITAD service provider for the rest. Your Sioux Falls, SD partner in data destruction should provide you with locking bins for in-office storage of devices until pickup. You’ll also want to find a service provider that offers on-site destruction while you watch, or bundles up devices and securely transports them to a safe facility for destruction and recycling.

Access to a 24/7 portal that allows you to track the progress of your order by serial number provides the transparency and accountability you need, and Certificates of Destruction and Recycling act as proof for your records. When you approach ITAD as a security threat, you have the best chance to view your policies and procedures with eyes wide open, spot the holes, and improve overall security, compliance, and peace of mind.

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