Why IT Asset Disposition is Crucial for Your Business

Every business has to prioritize tasks and spending, and the bottom line is to make money, which naturally places the priority on tasks that lead to this end. However, making money isn’t enough. You also have to avoid losing money, and this means putting protections in place that safeguard your company against a variety of threats.

Consider for a moment the importance you place on installing digital protections for data, including firewalls, antivirus software, encryption, passwords, permissions, and more. These measures are designed to help you keep your company and your customers safe from common issues like data breach and identity theft.

Unfortunately, this responsibility doesn’t end just because you’ve decided to upgrade to the latest and greatest equipment and software. When it’s time to dispose of old computer equipment, throwing it in the trash simply isn’t an option. You need a suitable plan for IT asset disposition, including hiring professionals to wipe and resell, or alternately shred and recycle assets. Here’s why proper disposal is so crucial for your business.

Comply with Environmental Laws
In case you didn’t know, many electronics like computers contain toxic elements that pollute the environment if you dump them. Although federal laws prohibit the dumping of some toxic materials, there is still no federal law requiring outright e-waste recycling. While some states have enacted stricter laws pertaining to e-waste recycling, South Dakota does not require this practice. However, the City of Sioux Falls does legally ban electronics from the landfill and will hold businesses accountable if improperly dumped.

As a responsible business owner, you need to make sure you comply with existing laws rather than dumping potentially hazardous materials. It’s always a good idea to respect your community and the environment by properly disposing of outdated electronics. Don’t forget that reselling old equipment after having it professionally wiped could help you to recoup at least a portion of the cost of purchase.

Comply with Privacy Laws
This is a biggie. Privacy laws are in place to protect consumers and the data they entrust to your company. If you toss old computer equipment, there’s a chance that data could be compromised, leading to serious consequences for your customers and government penalties for your business. Complying with applicable privacy laws (federal, state, local, and industry-specific) means hiring professionals to properly wipe or shred your hard drives.

Protect the Future of Your Business
A failure to properly dispose of old computer equipment can not only lead to legal troubles and government penalties, but also a slew of problems for your business. If you are found to be negligent when it comes to protecting the privacy of customers, you could face reparations, as well as lawsuits from disgruntled consumers.

In addition, your reputation could take a turn for the worse. You could lose both current and prospective customers as a result, significantly impacting your profits, both short- and long-term. Your business could ultimately fail if company and consumer data is stolen from old hard drives or devices.

With a dedicated, certified, and experienced team like SEAM on your side to help you wipe and resell or shred and recycle old hard drives, you won’t have to worry about such outcomes. Contact SEAM today at 605-274-SEAM (7326) for expert guidance and services where IT asset disposition is concerned.

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