Why Environmentally-Friendly ITAD is So Important

Nov 30, 2019

In this day and age, there’s no shortage of environmental concerns, from carbon emissions to plastics conglomerating in the ocean and killing marine life, among other things.  While some companies can take steps to reduce contributions to these problems, there is one environmental issue that every modern company must address: e-waste.

The turnover in electronics has seen incredible uptick in recent decades, thanks to growing reliance on computers, mobile devices, and all manner of IT equipment.  According to The Global E-Waste Monitor 2017, as of 2016, over 44.7 million tons of e-waste had been generated globally, with only an estimated 20% being recycled.  With only 41 countries collecting statistics on e-waste, these numbers could be off by a lot.

As a responsible South Dakota business owner, you naturally want to comply with all applicable environmental laws, but there are several reasons why environmentally-friendly ITAD is so important.  Here are a few reasons why you should make sure your e-waste destruction and recycling practices focus on eco-friendliness.

Avoid Government Penalties

At the very least, you should practice self-preservation.  If you fail to comply with federal, state, and/or local laws related to environmental responsibility, you could face potential penalties and even criminal charges.

What’s worse, if you throw away devices that contain confidential consumer or employee data, you put your company at risk of data breach and your customers at risk for identity theft.  This, too, is illegal and could result in serious consequences for your business.

Safeguard Your Local Community

Your local community supports your business, and if you want to behave in a responsible and neighborly manner, wantonly chucking harmful toxins into the local landfill is not the way to do it.  Many electronic devices feature toxic heavy metals like beryllium, cadmium, mercury, and lead, along with chemicals that can seep into the soil, the water, and the air, harming ecosystems and polluting the environment.

It’s not only illegal to dump these substances in landfills in many places, but it’s unethical.  If you want your community to continue supporting your business, you need to behave in a responsible manner and protect the environment, and the people in your community.

Stop Illegal Dumping in Developing Nations

One problem that some companies aren’t aware of is dumping in landfills in developing nations.  If you don’t take the time to properly vet your e-waste partner, including their downstream vendors, you could end up unknowingly having your e-waste shipped overseas, where it may not only pollute developing nations, but pose a serious risk for data breach.

Neither is ideal for preserving your company’s security and reputation.  The good news is, there are certified ITAD service providers that offer transparency, along with assurance that are backed by certifications from trusted organizations like the NAID and eStewards.

Recycling versus Reusing

If you’re trying to determine the best course for eco-friendly e-waste disposal, consider not only recycling, but also wiping and refurbishing devices for reuse, giving them a second life and ensuring they stay out of the landfill longer.

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