What Can You Extract from a Laptop before You Recycle It?

May 14, 2019

If you’re upgrading to new computer equipment, you probably put a lot of thought into the new hardware you’ll buy. You might even add new software, although if you still have viable licenses, it makes a lot more sense to salvage needed software and simply install it on new devices.

Have you considered what you’ll do with your old hardware, though? Is it possible to reuse some components in your new system, just as you’ve retained software for continued use?

Sioux Falls, SD business owners keen to spare some expense when upgrading laptops will find there are parts that can be extracted and used to build new laptops, in concert with newer, better components. What parts are worth saving and which are better off being recycled?

Random access memory (RAM) is contained in memory cards or sticks that are fairly easy to remove and are often transferable to other technologies. Many computers, laptops, and other devices feature empty slots where you can plug in additional RAM to increase storage capacity.

Plus, the turnover on this tech is not as rapid as other computer components, which means you can continue to use it for quite a while, even when other components become outdated. Simply check if your old RAM is compatible before plugging it into different equipment.

Battery and Power Supply
These are parts you can almost certainly keep and reuse if you plan for it. For one thing, most Sioux Falls, SD businesses save money by purchasing equipment in bulk, meaning all of your laptops are likely from the same seller, even if they’re not exactly the same models. If you get rid of laptops piecemeal, you should be able to use batteries and power supplies as backups for other devices when their power sources burn out.

If you upgrade but continue to use the same manufacturer or successive laptop models within the same line, they may work with existing batteries and power supplies, in which case retaining these parts from previous models makes good financial sense. You just have to check compatibility to make sure swapping parts is possible.

Hard Drive
This is a tough one. Hard drives are typically removable, and even if they don’t fit in your new laptop, there’s the option to mount them in a new casing and use them as external storage. This is also the easiest way to keep usable data stored on drives, instead of having to migrate it to storage on your new devices.

On the other hand, usable hard drives can be remarketed when you choose to wipe them in keeping with all applicable privacy laws. If your company prefers to err on the side of caution by shredding hard drives when they’re no longer useful, you should probably keep them until you no longer find use for them.

Some laptop parts, like the display, are worth remarketing because they retain a decent amount of value. Others should be recycled for legal purposes. Some, however, can be harvested before recycling to save your Sioux Falls, SD business money on equipment upgrades. If you’re ready to remarket or recycle parts, contact the reliable professionals at SEAM today at 605-274-7326 (SEAM) or online to get started.

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