What Can You Expect when Professionals Perform Your IT Asset Disposal?

Jan 30, 2019

The ever-changing technological landscape demands that businesses that want to remain relevant and competitive upgrade to new equipment and software periodically.  Unfortunately, this creates a stockpile of outdated devices that must be properly disposed of, in keeping with environmental and privacy laws.

You can attempt to dispose of these devices on your own, but if you don’t have a dedicated IT department to manage the task in a secure and comprehensive manner, you risk failure to comply with applicable laws, not to mention the possibility of data breach should the equipment you dispose of retain some data that eventually falls into the wrong hands.  Most companies also lack the industrial shredding equipment needed to destroy hard drives and other devices.

There is a solution – you can partner with a certified ITAD (information technology asset disposition) service provider with the resources and expertise to manage disposal for you.  What can you expect when you work with qualified professionals?


Destroying and disposing of IT equipment on your own entail time and expense.  Not only do you have to pull employees form other, more important tasks, impacting productivity, but you also have to purchase and maintain proper shredding equipment, and then dispose of remains in keeping with applicable e-waste laws.

A professional ITAD provider will come to your location to decommission computers, remove devices, and securely transport them to a facility for refurbishment or disposal.  This will leave your employees free to focus on the jobs for which they were hired.


You can store outdated devices on-site indefinitely if you choose, but how secure are they?  Even in a locked cabinet or storage space, they’re vulnerable to internal and external threats like theft.  The right partner in IT asset disposal will collect these devices for storage at a secure facility with 24/7, independent monitoring until they are disposed of, ensuring the best opportunity to avoid data breach that compromises confidential information.


Destruction of hard drives and other devices is the surest way to protect data against the threat of theft, but it’s not your only option when you choose the right ITAD service provider.  While many companies prefer to shred and recycle hard drives, others wouldn’t mind recouping some cost through refurbishment and resale of devices that are still viable.

This requires professional wiping, in keeping with applicable privacy laws, to thoroughly eliminate any traces of confidential data.  Reliable and certified professionals have the knowledge, experience, and resources to accomplish this on your behalf, creating a safe and secure pathway to resale that protects your company and your clients.


Not all ITAD providers are up-front about how your devices are managed.  You want a partner that offers transparency with serial number tracking, a 24/7 client portal that allows you to check the status of your project, and proof of destruction for your legal records and peace of mind.

Businesses in and around the Sioux Falls, SD area will gain all of these benefits when working with SEAM, a certified ITAD service provider.  Contact SEAM today at 605-274-SEAM (7326) to learn more.

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