The Most Common Signs You Need Help with IT Asset Disposition

Sep 9, 2019

Proper disposal of e-waste is an important part of any business operation these days for companies that want to remain compliant with environmental laws, but you have to take extra care with any IT equipment and devices that store data so you can also comply with consumer privacy laws.  In short, you have to engage in proper IT asset disposition (ITAD).

Unfortunately, many Sioux Falls, SD businesses have not prioritized the disposal process.  It’s considered a problem for later.  This, however, is a policy fraught with danger.  If devices are improperly disposed of or they are lost to internal or external theft, you are at serious risk of data breach and identity theft, not to mention all that follows.  Here are just a few common signs that you need help with your ITAD policies and procedures now.

No ITAD Strategy

If your IT asset management strategy begins and ends with device purchases, it’s high time you added an end-of-life strategy for equipment and devices.  Your ITAD strategy should cover a device tracking and inventory policy, a secure holding area for devices slated for disposition, a time frame in which to dispose of them, and guidelines for disposal, whether you wipe or shred hard drives and devices in house or you contract with a reliable third-party ITAD provider for this purpose.

A Growing Stockpile of Devices

With no ITAD policies in place, you may find yourself with rooms full of outdated computers, monitors, and devices.  Even if these areas are locked and otherwise secured, having a stockpile of old devices lying around represents a liability.  With both internal and external threats of theft to contend with, these devices are nothing more than a ticking time bomb.

Inventory Losses

There are going to be times when IT devices signed out to employees (laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.) are lost or stolen.  If you don’t have tight security for outdated devices slated for disposal, you could also start to see a problem with internal theft.  This chain-of-custody breakdown is known as the ITAD reporting gap, and it can leave you exposed to threats like data breach and identity theft.

Overtaxed IT Department

Whether you have one IT specialist or an entire department, IT professionals are likely responsible for a lot of important tasks in your organization.  This may leave them with little time to develop and execute an ITAD strategy, as evidenced by your growing stockpile of devices and a widening ITAD reporting gap.

Data Breach

If it gets to this point, and you discover that a data breach has occurred as a direct result of failing to properly dispose of IT assets, you clearly need some help.  Data breaches not only constitute a major expense in terms of added security, government fines, and potential lawsuits, but they also damage your reputation, which could be a lot more detrimental in the long run.

With the help of a certified ITAD service provider, you can create and execute ITAD strategies that protect your Sioux Falls, SD business and your customers.  Contact SEAM today at 605-274-7326 (SEAM) or online to learn more.

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