The Case for IT Remarketing

Oct 21, 2019

In a world that runs on the convenience of disposable goods, we’ve developed a linear product life mindset, one in which goods are purchased, used, and then thrown away.  It’s no wonder, then, that there’s a growing problem in e-waste disposal.

Millions of metric tons of e-waste are disposed of annually across the globe, and while the U.S. has adopted environmental protection legislation to keep harmful e-waste and toxins out of landfills, that doesn’t mean unscrupulous parties won’t pass it to downstream partners that ship it overseas or simply chuck it in the trash rather than properly recycling it.

As a South Dakota business owner, you have to put a lot of thought into what to do with old computers and IT equipment when you upgrade to newer products.  You know you can’t simply throw them away, but is disposing of them your best option?

While there’s a lot to be said for shredding and recycling old equipment, from both privacy and environmental standpoints, you should also take a moment to consider the potential benefits of remarketing.  Here’s what you stand to gain in the process.

Boost ROI

The bottom line is always important in business, especially when it comes to major decisions like upgrading computers and IT systems.  When you decide to refurbish your IT equipment for resale, you stand to see some return on your investment, which you can put back into your company, perhaps covering some of the cost of your new equipment.

You may naturally have some reservations about this course of action due to the concern over the possibility of data theft, leading to issues like data breach or identity theft.  While some companies elect to send all old equipment and devices for shredding and recycling, you can find certified ITAD service providers that have the expertise to wipe data in keeping with applicable privacy laws, allowing you to resell them without worry over legal liabilities or compromising customer privacy.

Do Your Part for the Planet

No company wants to contribute unduly to the pollution of our planet, and you have a couple of options for ensuring that your e-waste stays out of landfills.  The right ITAD service provider will offer both shredding/recycling and remarketing options.

If you choose the former, you’ll just want to make sure they vet their downstream partners to ensure that all environmental and privacy laws are followed for your protection.  If you choose the latter, you’ll give computers and IT equipment a second life.

Comply with Applicable Laws

Every business knows the importance of complying with both environmental and privacy laws.  In both cases, failure could result in government penalties, but in the case of negligence where privacy laws are concerned, you could also face loss of customers, revenue, reputation, and more if a data breach and/or identity theft result.

The right ITAD service provider will understand all of the laws you’re beholden to and ensure that you’re in total compliance, whether you choose to shred/recycle or wipe, refurbish, and remarket old equipment.

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