The Biggest Security Threats in Your Office

Apr 19, 2018

Businesses today understand the importance of digital security. With so many major data breaches hitting the headlines and new threats like ransomware cropping up all the time, it’s imperative that responsible companies do all they can to protect the sensitive, personal data consumers, clients, and employees entrust to them.

However, there might be a slew of security threats lurking in your office that you haven’t even considered. If you’ve gone above and beyond to implement digital security measures like firewalls, antivirus software, password protections, and encryption, for example, you might think you’re in the clear. However, there’s a lot more to keeping your data out of the wrong hands than simply securing your networks. Here are just a few of the biggest security threats in your office that you’ve likely overlooked.

Unsecured Documents and Old Hard Drives
Data doesn’t exist solely in virtual space. Although many companies have upgraded to digital storage for data as a convenient and efficient means of saving time, money, and space, you almost certainly still produce hard copies of certain information, such as tax documents, presentations, and even inter-office memos, just for example.

You also have to contend with physical hard drives that likely contain confidential data. If you’re unable to destroy them on-site, they’re probably sitting around somewhere, a valuable target for both internal and external threats of theft.

The best way to address these security concerns is by partnering with a company that specializes in shredding documents and hard drives. You’ll want to find a company that meets applicable standards for privacy laws, industry standards like HIPAA and FACTA, and organizations like NIST, R2, and eStewards, just for example.

From there, look for stringent security measures, such as a company that provides locking bins to secure documents and hard drives until you’re ready for shredding, as well as one that offers on-site shredding services while you watch, secure recycling, and certificates of proof (including serial numbers for shredded hard drives). This may sound like overkill, but if you’re going to hire a third-party service provider, you want to make sure compliance and high standards are part of the package.

Clutter does a lot more than make your office look disorganized and unattractive; it also poses a security risk. When workers leave documents containing sensitive data lying around on their desks, anyone can take a peek or make off with confidential information they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.

If you’ve gone out of your way to compartmentalize data and set up a strict system of password protections, don’t throw it all away by allowing data to float around the office in hard copy format unchecked. Institute a clean desk policy to do away with clutter and increase security.

Unsecured Mobile Devices
Whether employees use laptops, tablets, and mobile phones at the office or remotely, accessing your networks with unsecured devices could become a major problem if hacking or theft occur. Make sure any mobile devices used to access your system feature proper security features and set up secure VPN for off-site login.

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