Strategies for Recouping the Most Value from Your Assets

Jan 7, 2020

Some companies feel that the only solution for IT asset disposition is shredding hard drives and devices to ensure that data is totally beyond recovery.  However, your South Dakota business may be interested not only in complying with applicable consumer privacy laws, but also recouping the costs of upgrading IT equipment through remarketing old devices.

If so, there’s good news: with proper wiping procedures, you can not only refurbish devices that are still usable and in demand, but remain in compliance with consumer privacy laws.  Of course, there’s more to recouping value from your IT assets than simply wiping them and putting them up for sale.  How can you get the most out of outdated devices?  Here are a few strategies to consider.

Life-Cycle Planning

One of the biggest factors when it comes to selling used electronics is age.  With constant advances in technology, devices can quickly become outdated, and while you don’t necessarily want to purchase new IT equipment annually, neither do you want to wait until devices are no longer supported to upgrade, especially if you plan to remarket them.

This means you have to carefully plan the life cycle of devices to get optimal use-value, balanced against acceptable returns.  Many companies plan for a life cycle of 3-5 years, but keep in mind, the newer your devices are, the better chance you’ll have to find interested buyers and recoup value.

Your life cycle will depend on a number of factors, including your budget and the type of business you operate.  However, you also need to factor in the tipping point between use-value and monetary returns.

Starting with Quality

As technology advances, we become used to greater efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience.  If you plan to remarket devices, the best way to ensure returns is to purchase IT equipment that delivers cutting edge technologies at the time of purchase, including smaller packaging, greater computing power, higher speeds, and so on.  This will help to ensure value retention for resale.

Understanding Buyback Programs

Some manufacturers and retailers offer buyback programs for devices, from computers and hard drives to servers to cell phones and tablets.  You may want to look into these programs and track incentives as your devices age.

While some offer terms upfront, buyback programs are often dependent on schedules for new product launches, when older devices tend to become less desirable or even obsolete.  If you’re interested in going this route, be aware that you’ll not only have to monitor the situation to take advantage in a timely manner, but you’ll also have to manage to wipe your own devices to ensure compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Choosing a Reliable Remarketing Partner

The easiest and safest way to recoup value from IT assets is to work with a certified ITAD service provider that can help you plan for remarketing by scheduling turnover and securely wiping devices for you in preparation for resale.

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