Quick IT Liquidation Tips for Businesses

Dec 19, 2018

Every business is going to face situations in which some amount of liquidation is necessary.  Maintaining steady cash flow is an essential component in running a successful operation.  While a lot can be done on credit these days, you still need to keep the lights on, so to speak.  At the very least, you have to pay your suppliers, your employees, your bills, and so on.

Although liquidation often refers to selling items off because you need the money, it could also have to do with simply getting rid of inventory you no longer need so you don’t have to pay to store it.  When you have a lot of old, outdated, unused computer equipment and devices lying around, it’s a good idea to consider liquidation, not only to get some potential cash, but also for security reasons.  Here are a few tips for quick IT liquidation.

Keep an Inventory

Small businesses often have too few people to do everything that needs to be done.  As a result, you may let certain tasks, like inventory of older equipment, fall by the wayside.  Even large businesses can let things slip through the cracks.  However, if you maintain a listing of company assets, it’s going to be much quicker and easier to liquidate when the time comes.

You might be surprised by how easy it is to manage inventory these days.  With the right software and a scanner, all you have to do is print, affix, and scan bar codes for your inventory to track what you have and where it is.  This is not only wise for the practical purposes of finding equipment, but also for complying with privacy laws and ensuring IT equipment containing sensitive data doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

Refurbish Equipment

This can be a dicey proposition.  While it is possible to sell off old IT equipment and devices, you obviously have to be very careful that every trace of confidential data has first been removed.  This means not just deleting files, but wiping the entire hard drive.  How can you be sure you’ve completed this crucial task?

If you have IT professionals on staff, you may be able to task them with removing data and refurbishing equipment, but chances are you have more important work for these professionals to do.  You’re better off hiring a professional shredding service to manage this tedious task.  A reliable and certified IT asset disposition (ITAD) provider has the resources (staff, software, facilities, etc.) to wipe hard drives in preparation for resale.

Sell Assets

The nice thing about using an ITAD provider when securely wiping hard drives is that such companies will usually manage the sale (or destruction and recycling, if you so choose) of your computer equipment and devices.  You’ll get a share of the resale or credit with the company, depending on the relative saleability of your IT equipment.

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