PRESS RELEASE: SEAM One of First in U.S. to Achieve Globally Recognized Certifications

Sep 21, 2022

South Dakota Company One of First in U.S. to Achieve Globally Recognized Certifications

Sioux Falls Based IT Asset Disposition Provider Earns NAID AAA, R2v3 and e-Stewards V4.1 

Secure Enterprise Asset Management, Inc.(SEAM) is proud to announce that it has become one of only two providers in the country to successfully upgrade to both accredited certifications, R2v3 and e-Stewards Version 4.1, the only standards that exist to ensure secure and responsible resale and recycling of retired electronics. 

Currently, only fourteen companies in the entire country are certified to both standards, and this incredible accomplishment places the Sioux Falls based company at the forefront of this elite group. SEAM also earned recertification for ISO 45001 and ISO 14001, along with certification for ISO 9001 and NAID AAA, the most recognized verification of data destruction qualifications in the world.

Nearly 10 years ago, SEAM made the decision to pursue these standards and became the only fully certified company in the Midwest. Since then, SEAM has continually maintained and improved its operations to meet the rigorous and regularly updated requirements. 

“It’s not every day a small business can boast being certified to six international standards,” said Paul Baldwin, SEAM’s Compliance Engineer, “I’m incredibly proud of our team’s hard work to continue going above and beyond to earn these certifications.”

According to Baldwin, the new versions were the most in-depth to date regarding the secure and responsible handling of data and devices. Internal procedures were meticulously scrutinized and verified by independent auditors to confirm the ability to meet specific high environmental, quality, health, safety and security standards. 

“They don’t just give these away,” stated SEAM’s Operations Manager, Vince Anderson, “These certifications serve as validation of our capabilities and truly set us apart from others who make similar claims that they can’t back up.”

Certified companies must demonstrate a controlled facility to protect the sensitivity of data on all storage devices, confirm complete data sanitization or destruction, and verify employee competency through extensive background checks, drug screenings, and logged hours of training. A documented chain of custody including a no-landfill policy and scrupulous downstream audit trails must be proven to ensure all equipment is handled in compliance with the standards from beginning to end. Once certified, continual oversight and unannounced audits maintain accountability.

“These certifications provide peace of mind for our clients who are often in heavily regulated industries,” added CEO and Owner, Jake Anderson, “As we continue to expand both locally and across the region, this shows our commitment to honoring our partnerships by supporting their compliance needs while still focused on value recovery, efficiency and quality of service.”

SEAM helps financial institutions, schools, healthcare clinics and other organizations across South Dakota, North Dakota, Southwest Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska with their retired devices such as servers, computers, hard drives, cell phones and more. For more information, visit

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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