Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Sep 12, 2018

Why Shred Hard Drives Onsite?

When businesses go through computer refresh cycles, they must decide what to do with the old computer equipment they will no longer be using. With today’s data security legislation, environmental requirements, and malicious hackers waiting for you to make a mistake, companies can no longer afford to just throw away or sell their IT equipment to the highest bidder.

Organizations must take precautions to avoid the risk of a data breach from careless storage or improper disposal. It may seem more affordable to destroy hard drives internally, but companies risk the process not being done correctly, which could expose data either by malicious intent or by mistake. The most secure method to destroy hard drive data is to work with a professional who is specialized in the proper destruction of data bearing technology devices.

Many security-conscious businesses require all data to be destroyed prior to computer equipment leaving their facility. This is possible with on-site hard drive shredding.

Using an industrial mobile hard drive shredder, professional data destruction companies can ensure hard drives and other data bearing devices are physically destroyed, rendering data unrecoverable. With this type of service, a shred truck can go directly to the customer’s office, data center, or server room to securely destroy electronic media and hard drives, including both magnetic and solid state drives. Uniformed staff collect equipment from the building and move it to the truck for immediate destruction. Serial number tracking and Certificates of Destruction provide complete documentation to verify all drives have been completely shredded before they even leave the facility. After the drives are destroyed, the shredded material is transported to a secure facility for proper recycling in accordance with environmental and security standards such as e-Stewards and R2 certifications.

Onsite data destruction in particular allows companies to reduce their liability as much as possible and meet insurance requirements. When data is destroyed prior to hard drives leaving the premises, any risk that comes from transportation, either by the vendor, a third party, or internal staff, is eliminated. Onsite hard drive shredding services also allow businesses to stay compliant with privacy regulations that many industries are must meet. Destroying data before computers or hard drives leave the facility is ideal for anyone in finance, healthcare, government, or any company that manages and stores sensitive data. For example, to stay compliant with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) “Covered Entities” must securely destroy all patient information and be able to provide documentation that it was done correctly. This does not just apply to hospitals and clinics, other types of Covered Entities include Chiropractors, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Counselors, Billing Centers and Collection Agencies to name a few. FACTA (the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) is another important federal law that requires any individual or business who collects and stores consumer information to destroy data before obsolete computer equipment is discarded.

Offsite destruction is also an option for companies who do not require hard drives to be shredded onsite at their location. Lockable security bins are often provided to securely collect and store hard drives, tapes CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, cell phones and other small electronic devices until they can be transported to the secure shredding truck or certified facility.

If you are looking for an onsite hard drive shredding service in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota or Omaha, Nebraska areas (or anywhere in between), look no further than SEAM. As the only R2 and e-Stewards certified ITAD provider in the area, we are proud to safely and securely recycle, resell, or destroy your electronic equipment based on your requirements. Whether you have a small amount of used computer equipment that needs to be discarded, or hundreds of units waiting to be dismantled, SEAM can meet your needs. Contact us today for a quote.

SEAM provides IT recycling and data destruction services including onsite shredding and hard drive wiping to South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska.

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