Making the Case for Outsourcing Your Business Shredding

When it comes to disposing of data, you need to consider both digital data and hard copies.  While most businesses don’t have the equipment or expertise to shred hard drives and devices on-site, you might think you’re more than equipped to shred documents.  Unfortunately, a mistake on your part could spell disaster.

Consumer privacy laws are very strict when it comes to how data must be disposed of, whether it’s in digital or hard copy format.  If you work in a field that collects and stores medical or financial data, for example, standards could be even higher.

How can you ensure that your South Dakota business maintains security and disposes of data properly?  By outsourcing to a certified ITAD service provider that offers document shredding services, and there are several benefits to doing so.

Save Time and Money

There’s no denying the fact that outsourcing will cost you money, but you stand to save a lot in the long run by partnering with a reliable service provider.  First and foremost, you won’t have to purchase or maintain shredding equipment, and considering the stringent rules in place for shredding, you could spend a pretty penny on getting the right equipment.

In addition, you won’t have to waste your workforce on time-consuming menial tasks.  You’re paying employees to attend to much more important work within your organization, so letting someone else manage this task could help with productivity.

Finally, working with a professional organization means that you’ll never have to worry if the job was done right.  If you make a mistake with shredding, dumpster divers could steal your shreds and use sophisticated software to recreate documents, thus accessing sensitive data.  Or employees might accidentally throw out the wrong documents, making theft even easier.

This could lead to data breaches and identity theft, and all of the consequences that ensue.  If you want to avoid penalties and potential loss of customers, revenue, and reputation, minimizing risk factors is essential.  Choosing a reliable shredding company is a great start.

Ensure Compliance

Your business must comply with all applicable consumer privacy and recycling laws when it comes to data destruction, and a certified ITAD service provider can manage both concerns for you.  With laws changing to address new threats to consumer privacy and environmental concerns, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up and remain in compliance.  The right shredding partner will manage this for you.

Increase Security and Peace of Mind

You can manage business shredding on your own, but a shredding company does so much more than simply destroy documents for you.  This partner provides security at every step so that you can rest easy, knowing your data is safe.

You’ll get locking bins for your office, and when you enact a shred-all policy, you won’t have to worry about sensitive data accidentally going into the trash, or employees getting their hands on privileged documents they shouldn’t have access to.  The service will come to your location and shred on-site while you watch, provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your records, and haul remains away for secure recycling.

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