Know Who You’re Working With

Jun 8, 2017

According to E-Scrap News, a Georgia company created a fraudulent R2 certificate in an attempt to win a contract from a school district. The document looked very real, with the facility name, date and a fake certificate number.

When the school district received the proposal, they checked SERI’s directory to make sure the company was listed. When they saw that it was not, they called SERI to verify. After checking with the certifying body who supposedly issued the fake certificate, SERI learned that it was in fact a fake and added the company to their list of non-certified businesses.


This was the first instance of an actual fake certificate being found. Other companies on the list have misrepresented R2 certification in other ways, including displaying the logo on their website.

Both industry certifications, R2 and e-Stewards, say they have seen multiple occurrences of false representation. The only sure way to know who you’re working with is to check the official certification websites to ensure the company is listed:

R2 Certified Directory

e-Stewards Certified Directory

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